Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What's Going On for Wednesday?

My plan was to actually update 'the boys' blog today. I've been trying to catch up on pictures. I must have 50 for this next post at least, and I haven't finished loading them into my post!!!

So, I'm just going to put up this picture I took of Richard reading Dexter's bedtime story in his next little bed (a mattress on the floor).

You already know that Richard is the most wonderful husband and father. I don't have to tell you. I don't have to tell you that even while he's stressed out about all this, and I'm getting ready to pack the boys for daycare and for a possible extra day without me, he still asked, "Do you need me to do anything?" Of course, my answer should be, "Oh of course not. You go sit down and relax." But instead, I said, "Sure, you can load the diaper bag that you take to gymnastics for AJ on Thursdays."

We will get up bright early at around 4:45am this time (each time a little earlier). We will wake the boys for around 5:45am, slap some clothes on them, give a bottle to Dexter and a smoothie to AJ, pack two pop tarts (lol) for Leah to give them at daycare (thanks for taking them early, Leah, and maybe late too), and heading to the hospital.

Richard is just supposed to be going there for another blood transfusion. However, we're hoping he'll get some results, and hopefully they will be good results in some way. It's possible, that if we get some results AND a bed has opened up, that he MAY get admitted to start chemo. We're hoping not. We'd love to have just one more weekend to gather our thoughts, think things out, cuddle, talk, laugh, and maybe have Richard's mom soon arrive to stay with us (thanks Norma), before he's in the hospital for a whole 4 weeks.

Keep your fingers crossed.

A big shout out to:
EVERYONE who has offered love, good vibes, prayers, good wishes, good thoughts, hugs, babysitting, playdates, food, driving, homestay, and the list goes on.
MY MOM for the two dinners she left with us when she was here last. You can bet we've used them and enjoyed.
ERICA who just dropped off a whole bunch of little 'leftover' meals for the kids. They're just perfect meal size and a big variety. I'm sure the boys will love them and they won't be living off of Bachelor Chow for a whole week!
LEAH who has offered to help out in the way of extra hours.
NORMA who may be flying out from Nova Scotia to come stay with us.

Love you all so much. Love Richard so much. Hope we get some sort of good news tomorrow.


ErIca said...

you musta shed a tear or two writing that post!~

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