Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More News From Today

Okay, so we were given more information today later on.

In patients with Leukemia, there is usually (almost always) an abnormal chromosome somewhere, but not necessarily everywhere in their body. (bear with me, I'm going on memory here, not proper research).

It looks like Richard has the kind where it's an inverted 16th chromosome which is a good kind to have because it responds well to chemotherapy.

That was our good news today. Also, that Richard gets to be home tomorrow. I'll take him in again on Friday for his heart ultrasound (probably) and his Hickman Line. He's supposed to come home again for the weekend, but if a bed opens, then he may be getting admitted.

Part of me wants them to start treatment ASAP and another part of me just wants him at home for as long as possible.


ErIca said...

Hooray for a wacky chromosome! xoxox

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...


Anonymous said...

Eveery little bit of good is news is good! Finally a good reason not to be unique!
Lots of hugs