Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good News

Excuse my non-medical-terminology update regarding the results of Richard's bone marrow biopsy.

It looks like the first round of chemo 'got it all'. He has the bone marrow of a normal person. YAY!

That being said, he still gets another bone marrow biopsy in a couple of days. And they will assume there's still bad stuff floating around.

However, by the looks of things, he could be home in a couple of days (provided AJ's fever is gone - more on that later) and continuing with chemo on an out-patient bases.

For more detail and scientific facts (perhaps), click on the link to the top right for Richard's blog. I'm sure he'll update soon.



Outnumbered said...

That's fantastic!

Karen said...

Great News!!!!!
Karen (Erica's cousin)

Dawn said...

Fantastic!!! The news is great!

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

Thanks! We're excited!

Steve Swaddling said...

Amazing answer to prayer as well. We will keep Richard in our prayers that it continues to show healthy cells. His funny posts and your positive thinking towards this goes a long way as well to making this difficult time bearable. We continue to pray for the best results. Love you lots.