Thursday, August 23, 2012

Batch Three - There's Another New Post Below This One

Whoa, I'm still awake, so I thought I'd post the last of the pics, so that I can work on my phone pics in the next few days.

Be sure to scroll down past this post, Grannie, Grand-Dan (and whoever else likes to read these posts).  I posted again about 10 minutes ago with loads of pics, and again yesterday, I think).  3 updates in 2 days!

So, if you recall from old posts, I have friends from around the world thank you to being a Baby Whisperer Mom.  The friends I met on there have remained in my life for all of AJ's six years!

We drove to pick up my friend, Kristi (from Slovakia), so we could hang out at the Everett Imagine Children's Museum with Kristi and her sister, Dana, and their boys.  All together, 5 boys, and one baby-boy!

What fun.  I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this place is.  They spent about 20 minutes in the pizza parlour, alone!  And this isn't even the biggest, or best, I don't think.  We were originally going to meet at the Seattle one.  Wow.  Just wow. 
 The veterinary office.
Seriously, an x-ray viewer!
Building stuff.
Left to right, Kubko (a nickname for Jakub, pronounced yakoob), Dexter, Dana and her youngest, AJ, and Hayden.

A stage.

Optical illusions!


An airplane, and this does not do it justice.  It was like a real plane with a cockpit!

They are watching themselves on a screen.

The water-play area.
 AJ wanted no part of this.
Dexter wanted some fun!

A bus!


The cockpit of the plane!

The playstructure up on the roof.  It was hot hot hot that day!

Richard relaxing in the shade.

Little Teo (short for Teodore... theodore).

Downstairs you could build a ride on vehicle.  

 He is serious.

Kristi's two.. Kubko and Teo, and my two, AJ and Dexter.

Hayden, Kubko, AJ, and Dexter.

Me, Kristi, and Teo.

And, of course, more soccer.  This is a game.

There's AJ in goal, here.

After the Abbotsford Airshow, a week later is the free Chilliwack airshow.  We excitedly went!
The highlight for the boys was riding public transit for the first time ever.

Meh.. I could've stayed all day, but the boys didn't care for it.  No jets, just planes.  We'll have to take them to the real airshow next year.  They really enjoyed watching the jets from the side of road when we stole some viewing time near the airport the week before.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Batch Number Two

Sorry it's taken so long to get these pics up, Grannie!  I know you must be missing the boys something fierce!  

Here we go!

A super-fun preschooler playdate!  And yes, they all fit in my van!  I love the van!

The boys and I.  

Auntie Kim took Dexter to his last day of preschool this year.
He still has one more year left!  
Much to his dismay.  He'd love nothing more than to go to school full time.  I have a feeling this kid is going to love being at school.

Great pics Auntie Kim!  I'm glad someone is able to use my camera properly!

 The gang!
Madisyn, Jaxon, Dexter, Emerson.
 I just....
 couldn't choose..
 just one or two...
I loved...
them all!

AJ's last day of kindergarten.  We got to have drinks and biscuits and watch a cool dvd.

 He was emotional at the end of the day, but he could not wrap his head around why he was upset.

AJ and and some of his buddies from class.
 More pals!

Richard and I took the boys to Captain Kid's playcentre.  AJ's showing how sweaty he is.
 He plays hard.
 So does Dex.

The Canada Day parade!

This is one of Dexter's favourite pass times, as of late.  He just picks up a chapter book (no, he cannot read those yet), and just sits with it (or the, looking through, making up a story, or just looking at pictures.

After a day playing at my friend, Chrissy's, house. The boys were filthy, and showing it off.

 It's too fun at Chrissy's!  She has dogs, a trampoline, and a pool.

More relaxing in our little pool.  I think this is the last year for our little pool.  A raccoon got at it, I assume, just the other night.  

AJ and Dex collected sticks for Vinnie to play with.

This is why you supervise your kids in the pool.
AJ fell asleep.

The boys' dentist office was offering free tickets to Sesame Street Live.  Go figure.  Of course, we took them!

AJ and Dexter over at Landon's playing.  We hadn't been there for 5 minutes, and they already had their shirts off.  Boys are so weird sometimes.

More soccer pictures!  Sideways, of course.

AJ's coach was such a great guy.  So good with the boys.

Dexter and Mommy on a date to Starbucks.

AJ attended Vacation Bible School.  He had a blast. Maybe you can find him in the centre, second row down.
This was their little presentation at the end, and they showed a slide show of what they did that week.

This is AJ and Dexter at tumbling camp at the local cheer facility.  They had a blast for 6 classes.

AJ's soccer practice lasts about 30 minutes past Dexter's.  This is Dexy's favourite place from which to watch AJ.