Monday, June 25, 2012

The Rest of the California Trip

 We dog sat around spring break.  These are some paintings of taco, and taco himself, cuddling with Richard.
 The boys are playing a game with parking cars.
 They have to say the site word and then they get to park the car.

Dexter said, "Look it's the beach."  I don't know about you, but I was impressed.

I made a painting for my bedroom that I've been wanting to make for a while.  I don't think I've posted it yet.  Here it is.  The only difference now is that there is Darth Vader's Tie (sp?) Fighter mod podged on.

 The boys are having some fun outside with chalk.


A little science experiment.  We put the daffodil in some blue water.

Hmmmm.  Why did I take a picture of dinner?  I'm sure there's a story, but I can't remember it.

Grand-Dan was over for a visit.  Maybe for his birthday.

And, the rest of Disneyland.

After Disneyland, we visited my friend, Dee, from my online birthclub, and her daughter, Lauren.  We met at at a restaurant for lunch, and I tried some authentic Jewish food for the first time.  Most delicious sandwich I've ever had.

Then we headed back over to Dee's house so the kids could play.

Dee and I.  So great to finally meet her in person, or as we say online, IRL!

We drove by Alton Street.  That was very exciting.

Then we headed to my friend Aili's place to visit her, her husband, Dan, and their son, Aidan.  The boys had a blast.  We spent the night at Aili's before heading home.  Aili lives at Huntingdon Beach.  Beautiful.
 Well, AJ doesn't look happy here, but I assure you, he was.
 Aili and I have known each other for about, no, it cannot be, almost 20 years?  That cannot be right.

Our boys.  Yes, I matched the boys almost the entire trip.  It was wonderful.  I could spot them anywhere.

Then we drove down to the beach, all packed up for our long drive back.  You can never have enough beautiful pictures of the beach, right?

This is just a random rest stop on the way home.

Before you knew it, we were home and celebrating AJ's birthday, which I do think I already posted, but whatever, here it is again.