Saturday, June 06, 2009


Well, I hate to use the boy's 'baby book blog' for this kind of thing, but I know how many family and friends check this and I thought it a good way to keep people up to date in light of the recent events.

Here's what's hit us:
Thursday afternoon
-Richard went to the clinic for a cough that just wasn't going away, some extra bruising, and some shortness of breath.
-The clinic sent him for some blood work and an EKG.

Thursday night
-We got a call at around 10pm to say that Richard's blood cells/platelets/haemoglobin are abnormally low and we could/should go to emergency at VGH, but would be waiting to see a specialist for a really long time, and/or we head straight to the Bone Marrow/Leukemia floor of VGH for a 9am appointment and maybe overnight.
-My mom came out that night so she could watch the boys while we went there the next day.

Friday morning
-We head to VGH optimistic but freaked out.
-They did some more blood work, said they'd do a transfusion. (2 bags of red blood cells and 1 bag of platelets). This would get him feeling better and fix his shortness of breath.
-The doctor told us that it looks to be Leukemia. There's only about a 5% chance that it's not.
-We were shocked, obviously. This came out of no where, which is, apparently, the way most people find out about Leukemia.

Friday Evening
-We get to head home. What a drive home.
-Thanks mom for watching the boys, thanks Erica and Kevin for understanding that I couldn't watch Jack and Rya, thanks to Jen who was already going to be taking AJ to swimming lessons the next day, thanks to all friends and family who we talked to that day, especially Aili (who's been through this all to recently and had a good deal of advice and information overload and empathy). We're missing the family that's far away (and appreciating the love they're sending) and the family that Richard was supposed to see on Friday for his Grannie's funeral that he had to miss.

Saturday morning
-We decide to enjoy today and go to my sister's grade 12 graduation commencement and dinner with Mom, Ken, and Kim. Paul, deciding to be a typical 15 year old, hung out with friends instead. lol.
-Thanks to dad who stayed home with the boys for a VERY adventurous day involving some lack of naps, bruises, late bedtimes, and Dexter falling out of the crib. But boy did the boys enjoy their visit with Grand-Dan (seriously, not being sarcastic). Hopefully, he'll come back again!!!

Saturday night
-Dexter gets switched over to a toddler bed, cold turkey. lol.
-AJ's still up. We're going to give him a cuddle, put him to bed, and then enjoy each other's company.

Tomorrow (Sunday)
-Hopefully just enjoying a nice day being a family. Loving each other. Appreciating each other. Maybe a playground if it's not raining.

Monday morning
-Richard will go for a bone marrow biopsy so we can find out if it is in fact Leukemia, and what type.

Wish us luck.

Good wishes, vibes, or prayers are ALL appreciated.

Love you all, and sorry to those who haven't received a call yet. We do love you too.


Efka ja Keirpoiss said...

I am so sorry Sonja.

Hope all goes well.

Jasmyne said...


I know this is a difficult time for you it seems like just yesterday I was going through the same thing.

I am here to talk if you need it.

ErIca said...

Just ask for help when you need it even if you think you don't. Lots of people are just waiting in the wings ready to jump in. Let's hope and pray for the best results this week. We're praying for healing and for tools to cope with the worry. One of my favorite Winnie the Pooh stories is this (paraphrased):
Piglet and Pooh were walking through the forest and Piglet looks up and asks Pooh, "What if that tree falls on us!" and Pooh replies, "What if it doesn't?"
Lots of love, thoughts and prayers. I feel everything will be OK in the end.

ErIca said...

PS- Dexter... big boy bed?? Like AJ's toddler bed or an actual twin bed?
Oh GranDan- LOL- bruises? Seriously?

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

It will be AJ's toddler bed. Right now it's just his mattress on the floor.

There were just some couch falls and a clumsy overtired Dexy banging into tables.

Carol and John said...

Hi Sonja, Richard and family,
So sorry to hear your news. We will be sending good thoughts and prayers for you and your family. If there is anything we can do to help you through, let us know.
Lots and lots of love and prayers are being sent your way,
love Carol and John

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

Thanks everyone.

Tara said...

Like I said to Shanaz, I know it's a far lean, but my shoulders are always here.

And I agree w/ Erica...ask for help!

Nathan said...

Sonja, Richard and boys,

We are so thinking of you guys and wishing you positive vibes....We are sending good thoughts your way. Please let us know if we can do anything...look after the boys for a while, drop off dinner, ANYTHING at all.

Nathan and Kim

Anonymous said...

we are thinking of you all and sending healthly vibes from the island! hang in there and keep us posted....anything you need let us know..we are all here for you! take it one day at a time! love you lots! the schulli's

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to hear that this is all happening. I pray and hope for healthy results!
<3 Stephanie