Tuesday, June 02, 2009

April, May, and the Beginning of June!

Okay, okay. So, I'm way behind. We've been sick. I've been working more. And the more behind I got, the more I kept procrastinating.

I'm going to go through my dates, updates Dexter's words and signs, and then maybe in a couple more days, do a picture post.

Here we go:

April 20th - Dexter starts signing 'pig' and 'no' regularly.

April 21st - Dexter says 'chunky D' (he and his dinosaur's nickname). Also this day I really start to notice that for some reason, my kids have an affinity for properly holding writing untensils at a young age. When he uses his magna doodle or colours, he usually holds the crayon like a person, not a baby.

April 28th - Dexter starts saying 'cocka' for a rooster sound.

April 29th - He starts trying to repeat every word they say on the Baby Einstein dvd, "Animals".

April 30th - Dexter starts to 'chatter' for a great deal of the day. AJ asks me to choreograph some actions for the song "Oompa Loompa" from Willy Wonka that we had recently seen. So now, he sings "Oompa Loompa Doompedy Doo, I've got another puzzle for you." All with actions. It's pretty darned cute.

May 1st - Dexter starts signing 'cookie' regularly.

** You know, thank goodness Dexter is using the signs. He's so far not much of a talker. His word list is growing, but a lot of them sound the same like cat and cow.

May 5th - Dexter starts saying and signing "Gram".

May 8th - Dexter finally, after a long hiatus, goes for a sleepover with AJ to Gram's house and does wonderful. Both boys had a blast and Richard and I got to have a nice date night and sleep in the next morning! Thanks mom!

May 9th - We had a wonderful Mother's Day dinner at my mom's.

May 10th - Actually Mother's Day. I took the boys to the park in the morning. I spent nap time putting up a small perimeter fence around the upper front yard so that I can garden while the boys play without Dexter accessing the cement stairs. Dexter was none to please with this fence. It upsets him a great deal, but he's pretty much over that now.

May 15th - We have our second Friday night picnic dinner at Delair park which has become a new weekly treat for us! Dexter hears some birds chirping at the park and signs 'birds'.

May 17th - AJ, for the past two days was saying "Daddy, can I have some water please? I'm really 'drinky'". He of course, meant, 'thirsty'. And this day, he started saying 'thirsty'.

May 18th - Dexter starts to sign 'rabbit' and 'no' regularly.

May 27th - Dexter starts to say "Toboo" which is one of our cats' names.

May 28th - Dexter is saying 'keys'.

May 30th - Dexter starts signing 'chicken' and 'help' with purpose.

May 31st - I had bought AJ a 'bug catching kit' a while back at the dollar store. It comes with a small terrarium type thing, tweezers, and a net. I took the boys to the playground at the lake and we went for a nice walk to look for bugs to examine after some playtime. AJ was wearing the case over his shoulder and across his chest and had tweezers in one hand and the net in the other. Darned if literally every person on that path didn't stop to tell me how adorable he was. He was having a great time too and just beaming. I thought the elderly ladies on the trail were going to pass out they were going so crazy over him.

June 2nd - Richard takes the boys to the grocery store and Dexter starts flipping out in the produce section when he sees the oranges. He just LOVES oranges. He can't get enough and will scream because he wants them so badly.

Dexter's Word List updated
Hi Dada
baba (what we call a bottle)
hi Rya
"Chunky D" - new
keys - new
cow - new
dog - new
gram - new
more - new
Toboo - new (our cat)

Dexter's Signs List updated
change (which he seems to occasionally be using to actually tell me he's pooped)
pig - new
cookie - new
no - new
wash - new
grandma - new
chicken - new
help - new
rabbit - new

he also has some signs that he makes up, but I haven't figured them out

Animal Sounds
-pig - he snorts
-lion and bear and dinosaur and tiger- he growls
-rooster - he says 'cocka'

Body Parts
-He points to facial parts

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