Sunday, November 20, 2011

Catching Up From August - Good Grief!

Seriously? August?

Sure, I stuck up a few of the boys for the first day of school, but that took a lot of work. My laptop was out of commission, and when Richard set up my pieced-together-new-computer, he redid a whole whackload of stuff. That meant that I didn't have a picture resizing folder.

Normally, I copy all the pics I like, drop them into this folder, lickety split, and then like magic, the computer resizes them into a smaller picture that Blogger likes.

Without that, and without the ability to select small amounts of pictures (a talent I lack severely along with the ability to make decisions), it was just going to be too much work to upload pics. Then, I procrastinated because I knew how much there was to do.

With AJ at a birthday party this afternoon and Dexter busy painting a giant canvas I gave him, I had time to catch up on some uploading.

So today, Sunday, at 9pm, I've finished uploading. I need to go pack AJ's lunch for school tomorrow, and Richard and I are going to watch a movie: hopefully, we'll watch Friends with Benefits.
Tuesday, I will finish writing.

Daddy Time

Left the boys at home with Richard. Came home to see them using their fort building sticks to 'roast' marshmallows.

At the end of August/beginning of September, we headed to the PNE. We arrived just in time to catch the Superdogs show according to our plan.

Waiting in line for the very first ride!
They had so much fun on these cars. They were just beaming the whole time. They begged to go again, but I had to explain to them that there will still so many to try still!
Waiting in line for the next one with Daddy.

This was a great exhibit for the boys. It was all about farming.
They planted seeds.

They checked out some corn and grains.
They collected some wool from the sheep.
They picked apples. Here AJ is realizing they have magnets on the bottom so they don't fall off the trees.
Taking their bucket full of stuff from the farm (beef, milk, honey, apples, tomatoes, eggs, wool, etc) to sort.
Riding tractors.
Later in the evening, after the 8pm Peking Acrobat show, Dexter was out cold.
AJ, of course, ready for MORE! So, I told him to ask Daddy if he could go on more rides (Richard, I figured was pretty exhausted still being on the Prednisone and all).
Daddy said, "Sure."
The big slide.

Making Cookies with my Boys

Drawing Superheroes

AJ drew this from a picture in a book.
We acquired some superhero drawing books which AJ just loves. Here was his first attempt while I drew the same thing beside him.
Dexter was showing off his stellar colouring of this superhero.
"in the lines"

Lunches for LeeAnn
Posting some more of AJ's lunches for my friend LeeAnn, but you can look too.

Carrots and dip; bear, dinosaur, and cat sandwiches; and strawberries and grapes.
I put some cut up cheese slices on top, which AJ didn't like. He only likes 'real cheese' apparently. Jeepers!

AJ's teacher let them bring no more than two Hallowe'en treats to school in their lunch the week after Hallowe'en. He was very stoked.
Goldfish, whole grain crackers, carrots, grapes, Aero.

Dexter Doing What Dexter Loves to Do
Writing letters.
An Alphabet Activity for Dexter
Matching up the lower case with the upper case.
Darned Pinterest. I feel guilty when I pin and don't do. So, this was a 'do'.
What the Heck?
It took me a minute to figure out why I took a picture of this.
Then I remembered the scenario. Richard was seeing if AJ could sound out a nonsense word. He asked AJ to write his (Richard's) favourite nonsense word "flarnwibble".
This is what he wrote. He's a good little sounder-outer.


Small Thanksgiving: Mom, Ken, Kim and Jared, my dad, Richard, me, AJ, Dexter, and not my brother. He bailed. Not cool, bro.
Pinterest idea. It was supposed to be a decorative gourd, but none of them fit in my wine glasses. Nor did the apples.
My dad who obviously loves getting his photo taken.
My man.

The Annual Pumpkin Patch Photos!!!
Love this one. It's my favourite.
Getting so tall!

AJ's Favourite Pastime
Cutting paper and taping it places.
He made a solar system for his ceiling. This is he and Dexter having a sleepover in AJ's bed. Their favourite thing to do on the weekends. Dexter asks for a 'seepovey in AJ's bent' every night.

Hallowe'en Party!
Richard and I were Homer and Marge.
We went to an 80s party. We were supposed to be characters from the 80s.
Ryan is "80s girl", Erica is Princess Peach from SuperMario, and I'm Marge Simpson.

Hallowe'en Night
My two Wolverines. I swear that I didn't make them get the same costumes. This was their own doing. In fact, I tried to convince Dexter to be a knight, as there was an awesome costume at Costco.

The loot. That's right AJ, drink a juice box at 8:30pm before bed on a school night.
Hmmm, which should I choose. Smarties or smarties?

A Visit to Grannie and Papa's
Grannie came back from Nova Scotia, and here are the boys having fun with toys at Grannie's house.

Cap gun/rifles. Those stay at Grannie's.

Fit in a short visit with the boys' Great Grandpa Clark and Great Aunt Elaine.

Waiting for the ferry.

Playing a Little Bit of Just Dance 3

Decorating the Tree
Dexter was so adorable as we decorated. "Mom, everything is so beautiful! Look at all the different colours. Santa will love our tree sooooo much! Oh my! Oh my!"

or in Dexter talk: "Mom, eveysing is so bootiso! Yook at aw the disseyent coyeys. Santa will love owey tyee sooo much! Oh my! Oh my!"
Dexter's Frustrated Face
AJ made a board game that he wanted to play with Dexter.
Dexter's message was not getting through to AJ (which is unusual, as AJ understands Dexter best).
Here's the "Nooo AJ. That's not what I said!"

So, I'm off to go clean the house now. Dexter wanted to help. He said, "Come on mom. Where's the hose? I need the hose."

Uh oh.