Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Haven't Told You About the Kids in Over Two Months!

Well, my apologies to grandparents...
I have not caught up properly on the blog in OVER two months. I have Easter pictures to post. I still don't have pictures from AJ's birthday party though (in March) despite the fact that there's a video on the site from the birthday party. I'm not sure what that's all about.

Anyhow, I thought I'd update this little bit to hopefully not be so daunted by the next update when Richard uploads the rest of the pictures from the camera and my phone! Here we go:

Roller Derby!

These pictures are not good, nor do they reflect what we were attending. We went to see my friend Beth in her Roller Derby. This was one of the daytime 'family' ones. The kids couldn't see well enough to be interested, unfortunately. Otherwise, I think AJ would've enjoyed it.

Richard kept the boys entertained in other ways.

A couple weekends later, we went to one of the really cool evening shows for a nice date-night. It was really exciting!

Thanks to my sister, if I recall, who watched the kids that night.

A Typical Tuesday!

Well, you know. Almost every Tuesday, when I watch Jack and Rya, Jen comes with her three kids: Makenna, Emerson, and Jaxon. So these are just some pics of a typical Tuesday with 7 kids after picking up the 'big kids' from preschool.

Emerson driving around.

Rya showing off her and the other little kids' dirt-cooking on the stove.

The 'big kids' were laughing their butts off, taking turns standing in the middle of the teeter-totter and falling off while the other two pushed up and down.

Dex and Rya sharing a ride on the rocker.

Hmmm. I thought I had one of Jaxon and Dexter too. Oh well, sorry.

Easter Morning!!!

We made a cake on Easter Eve. Every year when I was little girl, my mom and I made this cake from a magazine article. I loved it. So, I decided I would start this tradition with my kids.

Kim stayed over the night before to be a part of the boys waking up to search for Easter eggs. My dad came in the morning to watch them search too, but for some reason, I didn't take a picture of him when he was here. Sorry Dad.

This was Dexter's first year of somewhat understanding the whole Easter Bunny idea. He was VERY excited to search for eggs.

Easter Eggstravaganza!!

After hunting for eggs at home, we decided to be crazy and join the hundreds and hundreds of people at Heritage Park for the annual Easter Egg Hunt put on by the legion.

We arrive and thankfully have Kim for extra eyes and hands. It was crowded, and a slight bit scary. Richard was parking the car at this point.

So we all have to wait behind these barracades. There are three egg hunts. They are divided up by age. This one is supposed to be 4-7 year olds and no parents allowed. YAH right! Like we're going to let AJ loose in a pack of a hundred or so kids to get lost. I don't think so.

It was so crazy, I think AJ and Dex both only found 3 eggs.

We headed over to the baby egg hunt next for 0-3 year olds. They just come in and search through hay. Then, they get a little baggy of goodies too. The boys had fun. It was insanely busy, but worth it to 'be a part of the experience'.

We stopped to give the boys a chance to eat some of their chocolates and candy.

Then the boys explored a little.

Then we headed up the hill....

....leaving the crowds behind us.

It was a gorgeous day. If you want to see more pictures from that day, go to richard and sonja dot com (with no spaces).

AJ reading Dexter a naptime story.

It's a search and find Thomas book. There's a video on our gallery site if you'd like to see it.

I'll come back soon with birthday pics and whatever else is on our camera and my phone!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

After Thursday, May 13th, I Will Have Time to Post About My Boys Again!

So, it's time for the last and final vote!!!

Here's the message I've sent out to my friends, and now to all you who read my blog:

Hi Everyone!
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If you voted on the first two rounds, THANK YOU!!!
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If you visit this page:
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I've lost over 32 lbs (of which, about 24 or so have been in the 11 weeks of the contest) and well over 43 inches as of two weeks ago!

I've been going to the gym 6 days a week. I've worked hard and would love to win the year's gym membership.

Here are ways you can help me win the contest:

1. Visit the voting link, vote for me, and don't forget to check your inbox for the confirmation link that you need to follow to confirm your vote. YOU WILL NOT BE SPAMMED. They promised! Thank you so much for voting for me!!!

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3. If you REALLY want to help, tell your friends to vote for me or change your status on Facebook to say :
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Thanks everyone for all the messages of support that you've given and the many well wishes that so many of you have sent for my husband, Richard. He's in remission and has recovered well! We hope the Leukemia is gone forever!

Love Sonja