Monday, December 23, 2013

Richard = AJ

Seem to remember trying to show Grannie this picture of Richard that looks so much like AJ.  Here you go, Norma!  This is that picture I was mentioning.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dexter My Little Artiste.

So, I keep on putting stuff on Facebook, and not on here, but this, I wanted to be sure made it to the 'baby book'.  Dexter is really coming along in his artistic ways.  He must get it from my Grandpa because I couldn't do stuff like this when I was his age.  Everything seems to show perspective.  I don't know where he's learning this or if he just sees the world in that way.  This is a picture of Bethlehem.  On the left is a building.  I'm thinking it's what he thinks the "Inn" looked like.  He's made it 3-D.  Not accurately, but nonetheless.  The star, has shadows on it in the areas that the sun or in this case, the star, I guess, wouldn't reach it.  And the houses to the right, they get smaller as they get further away.  Nuts.  I love looking at his drawings.  Every time he shows me one, I just go bananas over all the  details, like showing parts of the wheels from the back side of vehicles.  He wants some art classes.  I think that's what we'll sign him up for after his winter gymnastics session.  I had Richard take a picture because Dexter gave this picture away to his Sunday School teacher.