Monday, December 23, 2013

Richard = AJ

Seem to remember trying to show Grannie this picture of Richard that looks so much like AJ.  Here you go, Norma!  This is that picture I was mentioning.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dexter My Little Artiste.

So, I keep on putting stuff on Facebook, and not on here, but this, I wanted to be sure made it to the 'baby book'.  Dexter is really coming along in his artistic ways.  He must get it from my Grandpa because I couldn't do stuff like this when I was his age.  Everything seems to show perspective.  I don't know where he's learning this or if he just sees the world in that way.  This is a picture of Bethlehem.  On the left is a building.  I'm thinking it's what he thinks the "Inn" looked like.  He's made it 3-D.  Not accurately, but nonetheless.  The star, has shadows on it in the areas that the sun or in this case, the star, I guess, wouldn't reach it.  And the houses to the right, they get smaller as they get further away.  Nuts.  I love looking at his drawings.  Every time he shows me one, I just go bananas over all the  details, like showing parts of the wheels from the back side of vehicles.  He wants some art classes.  I think that's what we'll sign him up for after his winter gymnastics session.  I had Richard take a picture because Dexter gave this picture away to his Sunday School teacher.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Darned Facebook Keeps Me From Updating the Blog!

Hello, Grandparents and anyone else who likes to check in here.

Thanks to the immediate gratification of uploading pictures on Facebook, I barely update the blog!  I'm so sorry.  We are all well!

We went to the pumpkin patch, so I figured I'd do my yearly post with the boys pictures from year's past.

Apple Barn

Apple Barn 

Apple Barn

Apple Barn

Apple Barn

Apple Barn 

Apple Barn

Monday, May 06, 2013

February (March and April are below this post)

Above were the Valentine cards that Dexter and AJ gave out to their classmates.  On the inside were pictures of the boys holding light sabres, and we put pixie sticks in those spots.

Dexter and his lady, Emerson.

The gang having fun at a birthday party!

Sometimes the van just puts everyone to sleep.

OH!  The inside of the Valentine cards.

The ferry ride to Grannie and Papa's.

Fun with toys at Grannie's.

Valentine's dinner.

Richard had some Ricky-style fun with my ruler.

AJ chillaxin outside.

The steps for making the millennium falcon cake for the boys' party.

A wonderful friend took us to see the Globetrotters!

The boys checking out Dexter's new loft bed.

Skatepark after school one day.

Made my mom a birthday cake.  It's an inside joke.  It's called a Debbie-Cat.

AJ's free glasses from Clearly Contacts came in the mail!  They're an awesome back-up pair!

AJ playing with my old school Game Boy.

Took a picture of AJ's Lego area for a friends when we were discussing Lego storage.

Rya came over for a playdate.

Dexter spent his birthday money.  He likes dinosaurs.

Dexter playing with some of his Imaginext stuff, alongside the stuff Jack lent him too.

This is how AJ spent his birthday money.

I made a clock.

Full van!  Not the usual suspects, either!
Alexis (my cousin, Shauna's, daughter), Jaxon, Dexter, Emerson, and Ethan (my cousin, Shauna's, son).

Dance party!