Thursday, July 31, 2008

Playing a Little Catch Up

Well, I haven't caught up in a week or so.

What does that mean for me?
A frazzled brain while I try and figure out what I wanted to say.

What does that mean for you?
Not reading through a time by time, frame by frame outline of one day's events.

I keep procrastinating on pureeing more meat, veggies, and fruit for Dexter. I keep meaning to do it, but the boy's naps haven't overlapped for a couple of days, and I keep feeling the need to 'get out of the house'. So, Dexter's had a bit more jarred food than usual this week, particularly with the introduction of chicken and turkey. Richard cannot wait to turn Dexter into his next steak lovin' carnivorous protege.

A Fun Day
Last week, Jen and I headed up to Eagle Mountain (where the 'good' playground is) to let Makenna and AJ play and Dexter, Emerson, and Jaxon 'hang out'. Of course, we had to pick up our Starbucks drinks on the way for us and the toddlers. Mmmmmm. I'm so glad that AJ appreciates Starbucks as much as I do. He even spots them from the highway and yells, "Starbucks, Mommy! Hot cocoa! Chocolate milk!" That's my boy.

The park was fun, and followed by some fun 'kiddie pool' time at Jen's house. Erica brought Jack and Rya to play too, so it was the three kids and the four babies. What used to be our little group of 6, is now our BIG group of 10, YIKES!

The kids had fun fighting over bikes, playing with bikes, fighting over toys, playing with toys, splashing in the water, using the 'potty', and throwing dirt in the pool! (Sorry Jen).

It's so cute when Jen brings out lunch for the kids and the three of them all sit together to eat.

One day, I'll learn how to load pics onto the computer instead of waiting for Richard to it in a big batch and that way you'll see the scenes as they happened.

AJ's Verbs
So AJ's started this new thing where he's kind of trying to get verification that he's using the right verbs.
For example....
AJ - "Mommy, what are you checking?"
Me - "I'm checking to make sure Daddy isn't taking all the beets out of his salad."
AJ - "Mommy what are you changing?"
Me - "What do you think I'm changing?"
AJ - "You are changing Baby Dexter's bum."
Me - "That's right."
AJ - "Mommy, what are you talking about?"
Me - "I'm talking about how you need to pick up your trucks and put them away."
AJ - "Mommy what are you trying to?"
Me - "I'm trying to find your bento box."
AJ - "Mommy, what are you looking for?"
Me - "I'm looking for your black shoes."

I'm pretty sure he said, "Whatever" today. We were colouring, and he started to ask me something about a colour, like where's the other orange (because he likes to colour with the same colour you're using), and said, "Oh, whatever" and kept colouring.

Yup, got 'em. It sucks. I seem to be getting one now, too. I sure hope not.

Left and Right
AJ now knows his left foot from his right when asked, and his left hand from his right. YAY. He's starting to try and use 'left and right' to explain which direction we're going if we're going to someone's house or a store, etc.

The USA Meet Up!
So, I joined this website called babywhisperer when AJ was two months old. It was a support site for the book I use as a somewhat, 'parenting philosophy'. Anyhow, I started chatting on a thread for my 'birthclub', march/april 06 babies. It's an international site. You talk with moms who follow the same general parenting principles as you, stage by stage with your child. So, I've been talking, almost daily, with these 'friends' for more than two years now. We even started our own site. It started as about 60 of us chatting on the babywhisperer site, and now it's about 20 or so that talk regularly on our new site keeping each other updated on how our 'babies' are doing. Actually, about 4 of us have had second babies now, and one is only day older than Dexter, so it's been great to have lots to share about the new babies too.

Anyhow, I digress.....
So, although we're from all over the world, (Scotland, USA, Australia, Poland, Russia, England, Slovakia, Estonia, to name a few) we sometimes get to meet. We'd love to all meet, but of course, yah right.

I've had the pleasure of meeting a 'friend' locally, from Alberta, from Washington, and from Slovakia.

This past Monday, only a week after going to Snoqualmie, Washington, to see Thomas the Train, I headed alone with the boys to Seattle Premium Outlets in Tulalip to shop with and visit my friend from Puyallup and my friend from Bratislava, Slovakia. The kids, AJ, Grace, and Kubko (Jakub) had some fun playing together at the mall and running around. Shopping was followed by dinner. Dexter was great and sat in the travel high chair for the first time. He was just a star for me. Actually, all the kids were super.

A New Playplace, Finally
For months now, particularly since having 'the babies', Erica, Jen, and I have been complaining that there isn't an indoor playcentre in Abbotsford, and there isn't any mommy-coffee-shops. We'd love a place to drink our coffee and tea that has like mats on the floor, books, toys, etc. We tend to feel a little guilty bringing 3 toddlers and 4 babies into Starbucks and interrupting people's 'special quiet time'.

Well, a reasonably local lady in Mission just opened J-J's playplace especially for 0-6 year olds. She's getting an espresso machine soon, the climbing structure is totally toddler friendly, there's a ride on train, and even exersaucers and a swing for the babies. Not to mention, comfy couches for the moms.

It was really nice.

Paid Help
So I had this epiphany a couple months ago that if Richard wasn't keen on me wasting money on a housecleaner, that instead I would spend way less money on a babysitter for the boys while I clean.

So far, it's more working out that I pay a little for someone to watch AJ and play with AJ while I keep Dexter busy or 'in a contraption' of some sort while I clean the house.

AJ's had the chance to play with my friend's daughter, Ashley. She was so great with both boys, and even gave Dexter a bottle. I see it as a 'sitter in training' for those rare occasions when my sister, brother, or parents can't watch the boys when Richard and I would like to go out.

Last Friday, I think, I had our friends two oldest kids, Adam and Matt (grade 5 and 6, I believe), come and play with AJ while I cleaned and kept Dexter busy. It worked out soooo great. They played out in the back yard with him, played in the pool with him in front, and then came in and played trains and cars with him. AJ loved all the 2 on 1 attention. I loved 'no distractions'. I hope their mom, Christine didn't mind that Matt got wet in the pool because "AJ made [him] go down the slide" and I gave them some Orange Crush while they were here, sufficiently sugaring them up during their visit.

Anyhow, it was so great for both AJ and I!

Vandalism, By My Budding Big Boy Artiste!!!

First, my Big Boys news.
AJ hadn't napped in two days, which unfortunately doesn't make him fall asleep faster at bedtime. So, to prevent him from getting up out of his bed and turning on the light and playing during his naptime, I offered him the opportunity to sleep in his top bunk just for naptime. It went very well. He even chose to take two more naps up there. YAY! As long as he doesn't start playing up there.

Now, The Artiste
The other night, because AJ didn't nap during the day, I took the opportunity to put him in bed a bit early. I did a major quiet time, lots of attention, lots of stories type wind down, and then put him in bed. I thwarted the begging for water and then he was nice and quiet. Awake, but quiet. Still took about 40 minutes to fall asleep, but wasn't calling for me.
Well, the next morning, he walks into the kitchen, having just woken up, and he's got some felt on his shirt. Hmmmm. I didn't think much of it. I just thought it must've gotten on his shirt while we coloured last night.
I entered his bedroom after breakfast and saw this beautiful drawing in the same colour felt of what appears to be a little kid standing under a rainbow.
I said, "OH WOW! Did you draw this beautiful picture last night before you fell asleep?" And before he could answer, I saw IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Felt on his wall.

Felt on his bed.

Felt on his pillow.

Felt on monkey.

Felt on his sheets.

Felt on his bedspread.

Felt, felt, felt.

I took them away. They're washable, but they must need soap and water because simple wipes weren't cleaning it up. This is why he was so 'nice' and quiet last night. ARG!

Magic eraser later took it off the wall, but along with some paint.

I'm gong to return his felts to him tomorrow.

And that's what's new.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just Stuff

Today's "Weigh'ther (It's a pun)

Dexter - 21 lbs
Feels like - 30 lbs
80% chance of oral precipitation
Sunny all day with cloudy breaks in the early evening.

AJ - 24 lbs
Feels like - 20 lbs
80% chance of ocular precipitation
Sunny all day with freak storms, hail, rain, heat waves, warmth, floods.

He's having a bit of a hard time settling for naps the last couple of days. He's really wanting to crawl. My great tummy sleeper keeps flipping over onto his back and then playing. It's getting a little annoying.
Dexter's got an allergy appointment coming up and due to what seems to be a milk allergy, I haven't been introducing his solids as fast paced as I did AJ's.
Dexter's now had rice cereal, pears, apples, carrots, sweet potato, carrot, green beans, wax beans, squash, zucchini, turnips, oat cereal, barley cereal, peaches, apricots, chicken, and a small bit of peas that were in one of the mix baby food jars.
For the most part, I make homemade purees, then freeze them in cubes for Dexter, just like I did for AJ.

Dexter Rolls and Naps
Well the rolling and attempting to crawl is getting in the way of nap time. I keep going in to see him with his legs up under him or all over the crib. It's driving me bonkers.

Dexter Sitting Up
-I think I can say that Dexter is sitting up unaided now. Although I still like to keep something cushy behind him, I technically can leave the room and when I return, he's still sitting and playing. YAY Dexter. This is the day I've been waiting for. Now you have permission to stop growing and accomplishing things.

-In an attempt to keep him in his bed for his nap, I let him take a nap in his top bunk today. So far, so good.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How Kim's Day With Dexter Went

While we visited 'the real Thomas the Train', Kimmy stayed at our place with Dexter.

In her point form words.........
(The only editing I've done is to take out one word that she uses all the time, and replaced it with a * . Let's play a game. Can you guess the missing word? Once you've read the passage, scroll down to see if you're correct!)

- his second morning nap went great, and I had to go get him because it was the latest he could sleep for.
- had his bottle and ate all his lunch, I don't know how you keep him so clean but he was a mess and I had to clean him up *
-went in the exersaucer a few times, and almost everytime bit that 'B' thing *, and then would cry :(
-we read those two big Baby Einstein books that you can touch and feel and the very hungry caterpillar, and I thought he was really excited about the pictures and stuff but he was really trying to eat the books *
-sat in his bouncy chair and was just amazed by the mole sisters show, he would have watched the whole thing
- afternoon nap, was only 45 minutes, which wasn't great, but whatever....
- had his bottle at like 3 or so...
- between that and his dinner, we played on that mat thing, with all the hanging toys, and he went in the jolly jumper, and he sat on the couch with me and played with that mirror that he loves so much
-dinner at about 5:15, he ate all that too
- bath around 5:45, he is so cute in the bath *, he just splashes and has a great time, I put one of the ducks in the water and he was just watching it and trying to get it *
-put him in his pajamas, gave him his night time bottle, that thing got stuck in the hole part, so I had to go get a new one, dexter was not impressed *, he was getting really tired so I fed him the rest of the bottle , zoomed through a couple books, and then put him to bed, and he went to sleep instantly
- then sitting in the living room, I could hear in the monitor every once in a while he would hit that animal piano thing, and it would make noises or sing, and I was just thinking crap, should I go in there or not...I decided not too, because I thought maybe he wouldn't hit it anymore, but he did a couple more times, but I just had this feeling that if I went in there, he might wake up see me and I didn't want that *
-although that thing went off, he never woke up, and then you guys came home like 4 hours later, or a little less, and I believe you went in and turned it off.

uhmm, that was pretty much my day, I can't think of anything else really, except he was just such a happy guy, laughing all the time. :)

* = ha

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Day Out With Thomas, and Without Dexter

The day before heading to Snoqualmie, Washington for the big "Day Out With Thomas", I entered a conversation that ended with ...

Why are we bringing Dexter? Why put him through the big car ride and the hot day? He's getting nothing out of it.

So, we asked my sister if she would like to come look after Dexter from about 8:30am to 11:00pm. She has her license now!!! YAY!!! She happily obliged.

Saturday, July 19th
Mommy, Daddy, and AJ head on the road for a 2.5 hour drive to Snoqualmie, Washington, USA to the railway museum for a "Day Out With Thomas the Train".

Border line up. Thank goodness for portable DVD players and Baby Einstein DVDs. Phew.

10:20am-2:00pm or so
On the road, stopping for lunch, stopping for gas, etc. AJ napped in the car. Thank goodness, or the day could've been ugly.

2:00pm - We arrive!
Upon entering the railway museum property, you are greeted with live music, the gift shop, food vendors, and the big tent of Thomas merchandise. I wanted to find AJ a non-lame t-shirt. I believe I was successful at this, finding a nice navy blue shirt with Thomas the Train on it and all the labelled parts of a train.
You could meet Sir Topham Hat.
You could get a Thomas tattoo, which we surely did.
There was a tent sent up with about 5 train tables and tracks out for kids to play with. It was funny to watch the 2 and 3 year old in 'hoarding-mode'. Watch out! If you turn your head away from one of your train cars or heaven-forbid your train rolls down the track ahead of your grasp for a moment, it's sure to get swiped by one of these kids. The words, "Mine! That's mine! No that's mine!" could be heard from many feet away. My child was not innocent in all of this either. Although he was not guilty of any train swiping, he was definitely guilty of using the "M" word.
A cynical Richard was already questioning the authenticity of our Thomas the Train ride scheduled for 4:30pm. He couldn't help but notice that the real train we would be riding on later that day had no life size Thomas attached to it as the ads suggested.
I informed him that I'm sure there's a life size Thomas somewhere, if only for the kids to climb on even. If there wasn't, and I drove all this way,......... "Heads are gonna roll."
Thank goodness. As you approach the other end of the property, you see him. All blue in his glory. Thomas the train. Oddly, he's at the back of the train. He gets 'dragged', so to speak. Nonetheless, he's life size, he looks real, and you get to have your picture taken with him! It was pretty cool looking! I think AJ thought it was pretty neat.
There was a bouncy castle to play in and in true AJ-touchy-sensitive-emo-style, AJ asked to go in the bouncy castle, removed his shoes, and then flipped a wing nut as he neared the door yelling, "No, no bouncy castle."
-Of course, as we walked away, the crying of "I want to go on the bouncy castle" resonated familiarly in our ears. Good Grief!

3:50pm-We see Jack!
We finally ran into Jack, his Daddy, and his Grandma. AJ and Jack run around a bit, give each some hugs, and then part ways to later meet up on the train.

4:30pm-We're off!!!
-We sat in the old fashioned passenger car with Jack and his crew. Oh, did I mention that AJ briefly started to freak out as we got closer to the train? I assured him that Jack wasn't scared and he seemed to calm down.
-The engine pulls us for about 12 minutes to the edge of a cliff overlooking a river. It was beautiful.
-On the 12 minute ride back down the tracks Thomas is 'pulling' us back to the railway museum. We couldn't help but laugh about the kids in cars at intersections who didn't know about Thomas coming to town seeing this life sized Thomas coming down the tracks, yelling to their moms, "Mom it's Thomas, it's Thomas!" Must've blown some minds.

5:00pm- We head home.
-We stopped at Bellis Fair for dinner at The Country Buffet as we had a hankering for a "Sizzler-esque" dinner experience. It didn't live up to the Sizzler, as expected. Does anything in life? Really? Think about that.
-went to Target. I HAD to do SOME shopping!!! Come on!!!!!! Seriously.

10:15pm - AJ finally falls asleep literally 25 seconds from our front door. What a goof.

Kim had a great day with Dexter. She loved how fast he goes to sleep on his belly. In fact, I think I'll ask her to type up how her day went with him and I'll add it on here.

Other things to mention...

New Foods
-I don't think I've been keeping up on listing Dexter's new foods, as is the life of a second born. Get used to it Dexy.
-Apricots, Oatmeal, Green Beans, Wax Beans, Squash, Peaches (which he does not care for), and I think that's it.
-oh ya, chicken too.

AJ Being a Kind Brother
-Dexter was on his tummy on his play mat and I saw AJ get some tissue and approach Dexter. Immediatly, I said, "That is not a toy. You can't give that to Dexter. " He said, "No, I'm just cleaning up his barf."
-Awwww, isn't that cute?

AJ Antics and Sass
-AJ accidentally spilled some water on the bathroom floor with his cup and I asked him to get a towel to help me clean it up. He said, "No, I don't like to get a towel. Just spank my bum." What a smartypants.

Bouncing Dexter
-Well the Jolly Jumper has definitely been good training for Dexter. Now, in his exersaucer, he bounces like there's no tomorrow. From down the hall you hear "CRASH CRASH CRASH CRASH CRASH CRASH!"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Houston, We Have a Tooth

Actually, we have two of them.
It's a good thing because I was beginning to wonder where all this saliva was coming from.
YAY Dexter for your first two teeth cutting through today!!!

It was a BIG BIG day today.

We were invited to my co-worker, Judy's house/farm for today for a get-together for the little kids. Judy has lots of property, a lovely, cozy home, a bridge, a trampoline, cool picnic tables, gardens, a sand pit, a bonfire pit, and just a great place to hang out. She even brought out the blow up pool for the kids. And, she had toys galore.

The day couldn't have gone more smoothly.

Dexter woke early, at 6:00am, but instead of attempting to put him back to sleep, I took advantage of the impending nap change, knowing it would work in our favour today.

I put Dexter down for his first nap around 8:00am while I was still packing for our big day.

We left the house around 9:45am, and of course, I noticed a bum-change was in order as we were heading out the door. Had to stop at Starbucks too (of course) for my VERY NECESSARY Venti-Iced-Sugar-Free-Hazelnut-Breve-Americano-Misto. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I convinced AJ that they weren't giving out chocolate milk for kids today.

On the way, I noticed that a bunch of houses on 96th, just off of 176th we torn down. I said, "Oh no, all the houses have been torn down. There were houses here." I was really talking to myself, but AJ was listening and said, "Oh no, the houses are gone. The houses are sad." I said, "No, the houses aren't sad. Houses don't have feelings. Houses aren't alive like you and I." He said, "My books have feelings. Books are happy and sad." LOL. A few weeks ago we took out lots of books from the library about feelings. They have pictures of kids who are happy, sad, confused, etc, and they talk about why you have certain feelings and stuff like that. It was such a cute comment.

Dexter napped on the way there. YES! Perfecto.

We arrived around 10:30am. AJ got right into playing with his best buddy, Jack. Lunch, bottle, playing, talking, relaxing, and Dexter napping in my carrier (thanks Grand-Dan). We had a blast. AJ was pretty good except for when he decided to seek some sand-throwing revenge at Jack, perhaps for some past sand throwing or bike tipping incidences, or perhaps just because he's two. Otherwise, the boys were great, as were all the kids. And what a cute bunch of kids too, and all around the same age. Dexter even had a cute little chunky buddy that could've passed as a fraternal twin brother with whom to play.

We left at 1:30pm. Dexter transferred quite nicely from sleeping in the carrier to sleeping in the car until we arrived in Richmond, at Aberdeen Mall at 2:20pm. AJ also napped in the car at this time. YES! Perfecto!

We went to Daiso at the mall. It's this great Japanese (I think) dollar store type thing. OMGsh. I could've stayed in there forever. I'll definitely have to go sans-kiddos next time. They had wooden trains and planes and buses for AJ's wooden train track set, all for $2.00 each. They had lots of bento box accessories which is the real reason I went. We loaded up on that stuff. I also bought some strange non-refridegerated yoghurt and jello type things. I read this tip to freeze them and use them as temporary edible icepacks. I think that'll be a great idea.

Dexter had his bottle there at the mall whilst AJ and I enjoyed a cool beverage and watched the wishing fountain water/music show.

Then it was off too Grand-Dan's house for dinnertime. Dexter took a quick 10 minute catnap in the car from about 4:10-4:20pm. YES!! Perfecto!

Do you think I remembered to bring the camera into my dad's place?


I missed some very sweet picture opportunities after we gave Grand-Dan his very belated Father's Day cards and mini-hockey sticks.

AJ is VERY ready for a sleepover at Grand-Dan's house whenever Grand-Dan's ready. He's got a great lawn area for throwing and catching, a pool, AND a nearby Go-Cart track. Long gone are the days when AJ needed a little time to warm up to Grand-Dan. Today the two of them were rollerblading, chewing toothpicks, and eating Dillybars, having a 'grand' time. Pun intended.
(yes, this is all a little hint for Grand-Dan if he's reading this)

We hopped in the car around 7:30pm (about 30 minutes after Dexter's bedtime, and about 30 minutes before AJ's). YES! Perfecto.

Dexter slept the whole way home.

But AJ didn't sleep on the way home, remarkably. Hmmmmm. Not-so-perfecto.

Got home. Richard took the kids, plopped them in bed while I brought in the bags, and they both fell asleep in no-time.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally, He's On a Roll!!!

Well, I say finally, but really I mean 'ARG'!

Dexter finally rolled from front to back (which is supposed to be the 'easier' one), go figure.

Anyhow, it's sure interfering with naps today. He usually sleeps on his tummy, but he kept rolling onto his back.

To answer Erica's comment on the last post....

You'll be able to order prints of AJ's masterpiece for the bargain price of $2000000 once they're uploaded onto our site.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Artist Spends the Night at Gram's

AJ got to stay at Gram's house last night. Mom, Ken, Kim and Paul got home from their trip to Disneyland (on which they somehow forgot to take AJ, and me for that matter) on Thursday night.

On Friday night, we had them over for perogies and they decided to take AJ overnight.

Saturday, they took AJ to the beach and we had Dexy all to ourselves and got a bunch of yard work done during his naps. Man, you forget how much time you have to yourself with only one baby!!! Took it for granted when AJ was a baby, for sure.

AJ had a great Saturday at Gram's house. They took him to Harrison to play at the beach. Thank goodness, because I was beginning to think that with two kids, AJ wouldn't get to go to the beach this summer.

We went for dinner at their place tonight (Saturday night) to go pick up AJ, have dessert, and hang out.

While we were there, AJ was playing on the Magna Doodle. Lo and behold, my little artist drew a cat. He was saying, "Foot foot foot foot, head, eyes, nose, mouth, etc." And drew something that actually looked like a cat. Later he drew Makenna. I thought his fire trucks were good, but whoa, these were amazingly detailed (for a 2 year old, of course).

Dexter had a great day of one on one attention. He napped wonderfully, and went to sleep impecably for bedtime at my mom's. The day went swimmingly. Hope there's lots more to come.

Oh, and..... couldn't help but notice that the whole time I was at my mom's, AJ didn't stutter once. Hmmmmmmm.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dexter's Shots

He was a trooper today. Richard said that Dexter only cried for the last needle and for the other two, Dexter just gave the nurse a dirty look.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

AJ's Speech Appointment

AJ was a star. I prepared him. I told him we were going to be talking to a lady. I told him she would ask him questions, blah blah blah.

If you know AJ at all, then you know that he gets really shy and usually won't talk to new people until he's very comfortable.

So, if you were unaware of why I was taking AJ to the speech and language pathologist, here's the situation....
He has a lisp, like Cindy Brady, you know? 'th' instead of 's'
He only started to say the 'f' sound at the beginning of words just recently. Before, he was saying 'wish' for 'fish'.
He says 'fwing' for swing.
He doesn't usually use the 'h' sound at the beginning of words. For instance, for 'hospital', he'd say 'opital'.
And a week ago, he started stuttering on the first word of a sentence which I've read is very normal, but worth mentioning.
Also, I need to kind of translate him for strangers.

Now many of you will say, "But Sonja, calm down. He's only 2."

I wanted to be on the safe side. It's a win win situation. I'm going to go there and they're going to say, "Don't worry, it's all normal. He's fine." or they'll say, "Yes, it's a concern. Here's what you can do to fix it."

So, we walked in to the appointment, and she asked me if he'd like to play with cars or farm animals. I said, "Let me ask him. AJ would you like to play with cars or farm animals?"

AJ answered, "Cars please." Thank goodness. We were off to a good start. He's talking in front of a stranger.

Well, he demonstrated all the stuff I was talking about. She got to hear the stutter, the no 'h', the lisp, the new 'f' sound, etc.

She said everything was completely normal and totally developmental. She said there's nothing to do right now about the lisp because he's so young. Maybe when he's 4, if he still has it. As she observed him more and more and talked him, she just kept smiling and laughing because he's 'so way beyond expectations' for his age by way of communication.

'For fun' she said, for the sake of her 'student' that was observing, she did the more in depth questions. She said, "He'll pass without a doubt, but just so you see what we're hoping for at this age."

So the questions were things like
Can he name one colour?
AJ can name about 25 colours including 'pinky purple' and 'macaroni and cheese orange'. lol
Does he understand function?
Like she showed him a sock, a key, and a cup, and asked him, "Which one is for drinking." She wanted him to point to the cup, but he pointed to it and said, "The cup is for drinking."
She wanted him to have about 1-2 words per sentence, but he has about 10-12.

Bottom line, 'communication' is definitely not a problem, but I knew that.

The lisp, we'll watch it. We don't want it to get worse. But she's not concerned.

Same with the stutter. We'll see her again in November.

They were loving him. She said that they don't get to have kids that 'advanced' in there very often.

All I could think was, "Makenna would blow her away."

So, anyhow. He's fine. She's not concerned. But she'll see us again in November or so to check on his stutter, but she said that sometimes this stage lasts 3-6 months.

She asked about the 'needing to translate'. I said that I understand, almost all of what he says, close friends understand most of what he's saying, and strangers understand about half or so.

She said, that's totally normal. Phew.

AJ was really well behaved. He was hardly shy at all.

On the way home, I picked him up some ice cream and said, "Thanks for doing all the talking to the lady, and thanks for answering her questions." He said, "I told her what was for drinking. A cup for drinking." I thought it was funny that it stood out for him.

And that's it.