Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Artist Spends the Night at Gram's

AJ got to stay at Gram's house last night. Mom, Ken, Kim and Paul got home from their trip to Disneyland (on which they somehow forgot to take AJ, and me for that matter) on Thursday night.

On Friday night, we had them over for perogies and they decided to take AJ overnight.

Saturday, they took AJ to the beach and we had Dexy all to ourselves and got a bunch of yard work done during his naps. Man, you forget how much time you have to yourself with only one baby!!! Took it for granted when AJ was a baby, for sure.

AJ had a great Saturday at Gram's house. They took him to Harrison to play at the beach. Thank goodness, because I was beginning to think that with two kids, AJ wouldn't get to go to the beach this summer.

We went for dinner at their place tonight (Saturday night) to go pick up AJ, have dessert, and hang out.

While we were there, AJ was playing on the Magna Doodle. Lo and behold, my little artist drew a cat. He was saying, "Foot foot foot foot, head, eyes, nose, mouth, etc." And drew something that actually looked like a cat. Later he drew Makenna. I thought his fire trucks were good, but whoa, these were amazingly detailed (for a 2 year old, of course).

Dexter had a great day of one on one attention. He napped wonderfully, and went to sleep impecably for bedtime at my mom's. The day went swimmingly. Hope there's lots more to come.

Oh, and..... couldn't help but notice that the whole time I was at my mom's, AJ didn't stutter once. Hmmmmmmm.

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ErIca said...

Where can I order prints of the cat portrait?