Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Houston, We Have a Tooth

Actually, we have two of them.
It's a good thing because I was beginning to wonder where all this saliva was coming from.
YAY Dexter for your first two teeth cutting through today!!!

It was a BIG BIG day today.

We were invited to my co-worker, Judy's house/farm for today for a get-together for the little kids. Judy has lots of property, a lovely, cozy home, a bridge, a trampoline, cool picnic tables, gardens, a sand pit, a bonfire pit, and just a great place to hang out. She even brought out the blow up pool for the kids. And, she had toys galore.

The day couldn't have gone more smoothly.

Dexter woke early, at 6:00am, but instead of attempting to put him back to sleep, I took advantage of the impending nap change, knowing it would work in our favour today.

I put Dexter down for his first nap around 8:00am while I was still packing for our big day.

We left the house around 9:45am, and of course, I noticed a bum-change was in order as we were heading out the door. Had to stop at Starbucks too (of course) for my VERY NECESSARY Venti-Iced-Sugar-Free-Hazelnut-Breve-Americano-Misto. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I convinced AJ that they weren't giving out chocolate milk for kids today.

On the way, I noticed that a bunch of houses on 96th, just off of 176th we torn down. I said, "Oh no, all the houses have been torn down. There were houses here." I was really talking to myself, but AJ was listening and said, "Oh no, the houses are gone. The houses are sad." I said, "No, the houses aren't sad. Houses don't have feelings. Houses aren't alive like you and I." He said, "My books have feelings. Books are happy and sad." LOL. A few weeks ago we took out lots of books from the library about feelings. They have pictures of kids who are happy, sad, confused, etc, and they talk about why you have certain feelings and stuff like that. It was such a cute comment.

Dexter napped on the way there. YES! Perfecto.

We arrived around 10:30am. AJ got right into playing with his best buddy, Jack. Lunch, bottle, playing, talking, relaxing, and Dexter napping in my carrier (thanks Grand-Dan). We had a blast. AJ was pretty good except for when he decided to seek some sand-throwing revenge at Jack, perhaps for some past sand throwing or bike tipping incidences, or perhaps just because he's two. Otherwise, the boys were great, as were all the kids. And what a cute bunch of kids too, and all around the same age. Dexter even had a cute little chunky buddy that could've passed as a fraternal twin brother with whom to play.

We left at 1:30pm. Dexter transferred quite nicely from sleeping in the carrier to sleeping in the car until we arrived in Richmond, at Aberdeen Mall at 2:20pm. AJ also napped in the car at this time. YES! Perfecto!

We went to Daiso at the mall. It's this great Japanese (I think) dollar store type thing. OMGsh. I could've stayed in there forever. I'll definitely have to go sans-kiddos next time. They had wooden trains and planes and buses for AJ's wooden train track set, all for $2.00 each. They had lots of bento box accessories which is the real reason I went. We loaded up on that stuff. I also bought some strange non-refridegerated yoghurt and jello type things. I read this tip to freeze them and use them as temporary edible icepacks. I think that'll be a great idea.

Dexter had his bottle there at the mall whilst AJ and I enjoyed a cool beverage and watched the wishing fountain water/music show.

Then it was off too Grand-Dan's house for dinnertime. Dexter took a quick 10 minute catnap in the car from about 4:10-4:20pm. YES!! Perfecto!

Do you think I remembered to bring the camera into my dad's place?


I missed some very sweet picture opportunities after we gave Grand-Dan his very belated Father's Day cards and mini-hockey sticks.

AJ is VERY ready for a sleepover at Grand-Dan's house whenever Grand-Dan's ready. He's got a great lawn area for throwing and catching, a pool, AND a nearby Go-Cart track. Long gone are the days when AJ needed a little time to warm up to Grand-Dan. Today the two of them were rollerblading, chewing toothpicks, and eating Dillybars, having a 'grand' time. Pun intended.
(yes, this is all a little hint for Grand-Dan if he's reading this)

We hopped in the car around 7:30pm (about 30 minutes after Dexter's bedtime, and about 30 minutes before AJ's). YES! Perfecto.

Dexter slept the whole way home.

But AJ didn't sleep on the way home, remarkably. Hmmmmm. Not-so-perfecto.

Got home. Richard took the kids, plopped them in bed while I brought in the bags, and they both fell asleep in no-time.


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Love the log of your day - sounds like a lot of fun and the boys were so well-behaved!!!

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