Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How Kim's Day With Dexter Went

While we visited 'the real Thomas the Train', Kimmy stayed at our place with Dexter.

In her point form words.........
(The only editing I've done is to take out one word that she uses all the time, and replaced it with a * . Let's play a game. Can you guess the missing word? Once you've read the passage, scroll down to see if you're correct!)

- his second morning nap went great, and I had to go get him because it was the latest he could sleep for.
- had his bottle and ate all his lunch, I don't know how you keep him so clean but he was a mess and I had to clean him up *
-went in the exersaucer a few times, and almost everytime bit that 'B' thing *, and then would cry :(
-we read those two big Baby Einstein books that you can touch and feel and the very hungry caterpillar, and I thought he was really excited about the pictures and stuff but he was really trying to eat the books *
-sat in his bouncy chair and was just amazed by the mole sisters show, he would have watched the whole thing
- afternoon nap, was only 45 minutes, which wasn't great, but whatever....
- had his bottle at like 3 or so...
- between that and his dinner, we played on that mat thing, with all the hanging toys, and he went in the jolly jumper, and he sat on the couch with me and played with that mirror that he loves so much
-dinner at about 5:15, he ate all that too
- bath around 5:45, he is so cute in the bath *, he just splashes and has a great time, I put one of the ducks in the water and he was just watching it and trying to get it *
-put him in his pajamas, gave him his night time bottle, that thing got stuck in the hole part, so I had to go get a new one, dexter was not impressed *, he was getting really tired so I fed him the rest of the bottle , zoomed through a couple books, and then put him to bed, and he went to sleep instantly
- then sitting in the living room, I could hear in the monitor every once in a while he would hit that animal piano thing, and it would make noises or sing, and I was just thinking crap, should I go in there or not...I decided not too, because I thought maybe he wouldn't hit it anymore, but he did a couple more times, but I just had this feeling that if I went in there, he might wake up see me and I didn't want that *
-although that thing went off, he never woke up, and then you guys came home like 4 hours later, or a little less, and I believe you went in and turned it off.

uhmm, that was pretty much my day, I can't think of anything else really, except he was just such a happy guy, laughing all the time. :)

* = ha


ErIca said...

* = then

AJs Mom said...

good guess, but it's 'ha'.