Thursday, July 31, 2008

Playing a Little Catch Up

Well, I haven't caught up in a week or so.

What does that mean for me?
A frazzled brain while I try and figure out what I wanted to say.

What does that mean for you?
Not reading through a time by time, frame by frame outline of one day's events.

I keep procrastinating on pureeing more meat, veggies, and fruit for Dexter. I keep meaning to do it, but the boy's naps haven't overlapped for a couple of days, and I keep feeling the need to 'get out of the house'. So, Dexter's had a bit more jarred food than usual this week, particularly with the introduction of chicken and turkey. Richard cannot wait to turn Dexter into his next steak lovin' carnivorous protege.

A Fun Day
Last week, Jen and I headed up to Eagle Mountain (where the 'good' playground is) to let Makenna and AJ play and Dexter, Emerson, and Jaxon 'hang out'. Of course, we had to pick up our Starbucks drinks on the way for us and the toddlers. Mmmmmm. I'm so glad that AJ appreciates Starbucks as much as I do. He even spots them from the highway and yells, "Starbucks, Mommy! Hot cocoa! Chocolate milk!" That's my boy.

The park was fun, and followed by some fun 'kiddie pool' time at Jen's house. Erica brought Jack and Rya to play too, so it was the three kids and the four babies. What used to be our little group of 6, is now our BIG group of 10, YIKES!

The kids had fun fighting over bikes, playing with bikes, fighting over toys, playing with toys, splashing in the water, using the 'potty', and throwing dirt in the pool! (Sorry Jen).

It's so cute when Jen brings out lunch for the kids and the three of them all sit together to eat.

One day, I'll learn how to load pics onto the computer instead of waiting for Richard to it in a big batch and that way you'll see the scenes as they happened.

AJ's Verbs
So AJ's started this new thing where he's kind of trying to get verification that he's using the right verbs.
For example....
AJ - "Mommy, what are you checking?"
Me - "I'm checking to make sure Daddy isn't taking all the beets out of his salad."
AJ - "Mommy what are you changing?"
Me - "What do you think I'm changing?"
AJ - "You are changing Baby Dexter's bum."
Me - "That's right."
AJ - "Mommy, what are you talking about?"
Me - "I'm talking about how you need to pick up your trucks and put them away."
AJ - "Mommy what are you trying to?"
Me - "I'm trying to find your bento box."
AJ - "Mommy, what are you looking for?"
Me - "I'm looking for your black shoes."

I'm pretty sure he said, "Whatever" today. We were colouring, and he started to ask me something about a colour, like where's the other orange (because he likes to colour with the same colour you're using), and said, "Oh, whatever" and kept colouring.

Yup, got 'em. It sucks. I seem to be getting one now, too. I sure hope not.

Left and Right
AJ now knows his left foot from his right when asked, and his left hand from his right. YAY. He's starting to try and use 'left and right' to explain which direction we're going if we're going to someone's house or a store, etc.

The USA Meet Up!
So, I joined this website called babywhisperer when AJ was two months old. It was a support site for the book I use as a somewhat, 'parenting philosophy'. Anyhow, I started chatting on a thread for my 'birthclub', march/april 06 babies. It's an international site. You talk with moms who follow the same general parenting principles as you, stage by stage with your child. So, I've been talking, almost daily, with these 'friends' for more than two years now. We even started our own site. It started as about 60 of us chatting on the babywhisperer site, and now it's about 20 or so that talk regularly on our new site keeping each other updated on how our 'babies' are doing. Actually, about 4 of us have had second babies now, and one is only day older than Dexter, so it's been great to have lots to share about the new babies too.

Anyhow, I digress.....
So, although we're from all over the world, (Scotland, USA, Australia, Poland, Russia, England, Slovakia, Estonia, to name a few) we sometimes get to meet. We'd love to all meet, but of course, yah right.

I've had the pleasure of meeting a 'friend' locally, from Alberta, from Washington, and from Slovakia.

This past Monday, only a week after going to Snoqualmie, Washington, to see Thomas the Train, I headed alone with the boys to Seattle Premium Outlets in Tulalip to shop with and visit my friend from Puyallup and my friend from Bratislava, Slovakia. The kids, AJ, Grace, and Kubko (Jakub) had some fun playing together at the mall and running around. Shopping was followed by dinner. Dexter was great and sat in the travel high chair for the first time. He was just a star for me. Actually, all the kids were super.

A New Playplace, Finally
For months now, particularly since having 'the babies', Erica, Jen, and I have been complaining that there isn't an indoor playcentre in Abbotsford, and there isn't any mommy-coffee-shops. We'd love a place to drink our coffee and tea that has like mats on the floor, books, toys, etc. We tend to feel a little guilty bringing 3 toddlers and 4 babies into Starbucks and interrupting people's 'special quiet time'.

Well, a reasonably local lady in Mission just opened J-J's playplace especially for 0-6 year olds. She's getting an espresso machine soon, the climbing structure is totally toddler friendly, there's a ride on train, and even exersaucers and a swing for the babies. Not to mention, comfy couches for the moms.

It was really nice.

Paid Help
So I had this epiphany a couple months ago that if Richard wasn't keen on me wasting money on a housecleaner, that instead I would spend way less money on a babysitter for the boys while I clean.

So far, it's more working out that I pay a little for someone to watch AJ and play with AJ while I keep Dexter busy or 'in a contraption' of some sort while I clean the house.

AJ's had the chance to play with my friend's daughter, Ashley. She was so great with both boys, and even gave Dexter a bottle. I see it as a 'sitter in training' for those rare occasions when my sister, brother, or parents can't watch the boys when Richard and I would like to go out.

Last Friday, I think, I had our friends two oldest kids, Adam and Matt (grade 5 and 6, I believe), come and play with AJ while I cleaned and kept Dexter busy. It worked out soooo great. They played out in the back yard with him, played in the pool with him in front, and then came in and played trains and cars with him. AJ loved all the 2 on 1 attention. I loved 'no distractions'. I hope their mom, Christine didn't mind that Matt got wet in the pool because "AJ made [him] go down the slide" and I gave them some Orange Crush while they were here, sufficiently sugaring them up during their visit.

Anyhow, it was so great for both AJ and I!

Vandalism, By My Budding Big Boy Artiste!!!

First, my Big Boys news.
AJ hadn't napped in two days, which unfortunately doesn't make him fall asleep faster at bedtime. So, to prevent him from getting up out of his bed and turning on the light and playing during his naptime, I offered him the opportunity to sleep in his top bunk just for naptime. It went very well. He even chose to take two more naps up there. YAY! As long as he doesn't start playing up there.

Now, The Artiste
The other night, because AJ didn't nap during the day, I took the opportunity to put him in bed a bit early. I did a major quiet time, lots of attention, lots of stories type wind down, and then put him in bed. I thwarted the begging for water and then he was nice and quiet. Awake, but quiet. Still took about 40 minutes to fall asleep, but wasn't calling for me.
Well, the next morning, he walks into the kitchen, having just woken up, and he's got some felt on his shirt. Hmmmm. I didn't think much of it. I just thought it must've gotten on his shirt while we coloured last night.
I entered his bedroom after breakfast and saw this beautiful drawing in the same colour felt of what appears to be a little kid standing under a rainbow.
I said, "OH WOW! Did you draw this beautiful picture last night before you fell asleep?" And before he could answer, I saw IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Felt on his wall.

Felt on his bed.

Felt on his pillow.

Felt on monkey.

Felt on his sheets.

Felt on his bedspread.

Felt, felt, felt.

I took them away. They're washable, but they must need soap and water because simple wipes weren't cleaning it up. This is why he was so 'nice' and quiet last night. ARG!

Magic eraser later took it off the wall, but along with some paint.

I'm gong to return his felts to him tomorrow.

And that's what's new.

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