Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More to the P.E. Story

So, after some more questions about the P.E. that killed all of AJ's teacher's grandparents, and asking him if this had something to do with Terry Fox, he said,

"Oh, yah. It wasn't P.E. that killed all those people. It was an assembly. But we went to an assembly today and it didn't kill all of us."

(hmmm, that must be one boring assembly to kill all those people)

Richard says, "Was it maybe Cancer that killed her grandparents, just like it killed Terry Fox?"

AJ, "Oh, yah. Cancer."

A discussion then ensued about Cancer/Leukemia, etc.

I can't imagine how freaked out he must've been heading to that assembly thinking, "Oh man, if it killed all those other people who went to assemblies, then I'm going to die for sure!"

Oh man. AJ being in Kindergarten is shaping up to be pretty darned fun!

ARG.. no laptop

AJ told me that all of his teacher's grandparents died from doing P.E. I think this had something to do with the Terry Fox assembly. Now...my kid's reasonably bright, so I'm wondering what the heck happened for him to get this lost in translation.

Sorry Dexter. 2 people in the past two weeks have told me that their dog's name is Dexter. Oops. To which Dexter says, "What the what?"

I finally have a working computer again, but now I have none of my desktop. Richard's still working on sync-ing that or something like that. I don't know what the real word is. So... no pictures for now.

Other things I'll have to update for the baby book in the next week:
(This is my reminder)
Dexter colouring in the lines, and colouring very well.
Dexter writing very well, and then in mirror image.
AJ loving all day kindergarten.
The PNE.
Fort Langley.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Twin Wolverines, Dexter's First Day, and a Little Something for LeeAnn

Ready For Hallowe'en !

The boys have been trying to decide which superheroes they want to be for Hallowe'en. AJ had pretty much narrowed it down to Green Lantern or Wolverine. Dexter liked Wolverine, Iron Man, Spiderman (which was a reversible costume that also became Venom). Long gone are the days that I can help them choose adorable stuffed fluffy costumes from Old Navy. Bring on the superheroes and robots and such. We checked out Party Bazaar (the new one Langley) and were a bit bummed about the quality of the costumes considering the prices. I know they're going to wear these all year long like last year's costumes, so I want to be sure they'll last. Then Richard wanted to show us the ones at Costco. The superhero costumes were WAY too big. Dexter did find an awesome knight costume, but once we got to the next costume store here in Abbotsford, this is what they came out with....

Maybe they miss being dressed in the same outfits?

Dexter's First Day of Preschool, Kind Of

Dexter started preschool when he turned 3, back after January. But it's started up again. Here he is on the open house day.

He's pretty stoked. Emerson, Jaxon, and Madisyn are in his class. And remember when I told you about the girl that AJ loves... Olivia? Well her little sister in Dexter's class and is just as adorable as Olivia. Who knows?!

This Part's for LeeAnn, But You Can Look Too If You'd Like

So, my friend LeeAnn over in Scotland who can be found here or here, asked me about AJ's lunches for the school year and if I could post some.

I'm sure I've posted to you before how much I love to make little bento lunches for preschool and days out. Jackie over at WeeLife is where my original inspiration came from.

Nothing fancy for tomorrow's lunch... no cheese in special shapes or anything, but...

A dinosaur shaped sandwich (turkey, cheese, mayo, mustard), celery and cheese -(with a skewer not pictured), carrots and dip (instead of fruit, as per AJ's request), and a little note from Mom (also not pictured). This will be AJ's first lunch he eats at school. I'm interested to see if he comes home with lots left since he's informed me that he is sitting next to one of his best friends, Josh.....lol, or if he comes home saying, "I need more food." After asking him about his day at school, he assured me that everyone in the whole class behaved well and that no one lied. (Apparently, according to AJ, that's the only thing that makes his teacher angry.)
Full day kindergarten tomorrow. My big boy will be gone from 8:50am - 2:38pm !!!!! Can you believe it? I can't. He's so excited. He's in disbelief that he gets to go to the playground twice in a day. He's so excited when I pick him up. So far, he loves his class. I think most of his excitement comes from having his friend, Josh, in the class.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

AJ's Wise Words

As AJ got dressed this morning into the clothes that I laid out for church and was just buttoning the last of his buttons on his nice plaid dress shirt, I said,

"Who's my handsome-McNugget?"

He said, "Don't you mean your boring McNugget? This shirt is boring."

He just loves his superhero shirts. Poor guy.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten, Kind Of...

Well, so it's only one hour and the parents stay there for a meeting, but it's AJ's official 'first day of kindergarten'. Here he is:

He's excited, but he's sad that "Dexter gets to be home with you mom, all day, and I don't. And, I won't get to play with my toys. I'm going to miss my Transformers," said with a tear in his eye.

Here's a sneak peek of the P.N.E.
Dexter and AJ had a funfilled day of rides and shows, but during the 8pm Peking Acrobat show, Dexter was out like a light.

AJ however, was ready for more, including the roller coaster, the mini hellavator, and the big slide.