Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More to the P.E. Story

So, after some more questions about the P.E. that killed all of AJ's teacher's grandparents, and asking him if this had something to do with Terry Fox, he said,

"Oh, yah. It wasn't P.E. that killed all those people. It was an assembly. But we went to an assembly today and it didn't kill all of us."

(hmmm, that must be one boring assembly to kill all those people)

Richard says, "Was it maybe Cancer that killed her grandparents, just like it killed Terry Fox?"

AJ, "Oh, yah. Cancer."

A discussion then ensued about Cancer/Leukemia, etc.

I can't imagine how freaked out he must've been heading to that assembly thinking, "Oh man, if it killed all those other people who went to assemblies, then I'm going to die for sure!"

Oh man. AJ being in Kindergarten is shaping up to be pretty darned fun!

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