Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Big Brother in Training, Dancing, Signing, and More"

Well you found out last week that you're going to become a big brother in and around October. You're taking the news very well. In fact, it's as though life hasn't changed for you at all!

You have been dancing up a storm these past few weeks. More and more every day. You will turn on the radio on your learning home, just so you can dance to the music!

Although it is not new for you to sign 'more', you are really using it now. You 'whip' this out for foods that you REALLY love like Mum Mums and Minigo. You kind of clap your hands together, but not to make noise. Your fingers are bent.

You are walking a lot better when we hold your hands and you are starting to 'cruise' a bit more.