Sunday, August 10, 2008

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Bye Bye Baby Bootcamp

The end of July marked the end of Baby Bootcamp. Twice a week, I was taking the two boys for a walk/jog around Mill Lake, and then stopped at the park for AJ to play while the bootcamp instructor ran the moms through rigorous exercises. Dexter was good as gold (as were all the babies) and would just sit and watch quite contently. AJ and his buddy Jack would play at the park with their trucks or on the play structures. Sometimes the boys would come over to where we were exercising and would start attempting to replicate the exercises we were doing. They would use the stretchy tubes, try the thigh toner, or roll around on the exercise ball. It was pretty cute.

Sad About You
AJ's been waking grumpy from a few naps, namely because I'm going in to wake him. He was really weepy one of the days and still really doesn't understand the word 'why'. So I can't really ask him 'why' he's sad. I can just offer options.
"Are you sad because I woke you up?"
"Are you sad because you are still tired."
Well later after 'calming down' in his room, I asked if he was feeling happy now. He said, "No, I still sad about you."

A Soapy Lesson Learned
After AJ goes to the bathroom, he hops up on his stool to wash his hands. He squirts the soap and everything.
He knows the routine. He knows that he's not supposed to stay and 'play' with the water.
I hear him from down the hall starting to cry and he's saying, "Ahhhh, Mommy! Help! Yucky! Blehhhhh!"
I get there to see that his mouth is just full of lather and bubbles. I'm not exactly sure what happened. My best guess is that he was washing his hands, and went to wipe his nose with his sleeve (unfortunately) and inadvertently got some soap in his mouth. He probably tried to get the soap out, but of course, used his soapy hand to do this, and it all just got worse. It was pretty funny. He sure didn't like the soapy taste. Makes me think it would be a good consequence for a 'sassy mouth'. Hmmmmm.

Crip Crap Cross
So, I'm watching AJ on his magna doodle and he's saying to me, "Crip crap cross! Crip crap cross!" I can't figure out what he's trying to say. He's trying to motion what he wants me to draw on it. Finally he says, "X and O". I say, "Oh, you want to play tic Tac Toe?" And he says, "Yes, Crip Crap Cross!"
Too funny.

Number Knowledge
Well, I didn't think that AJ knew his numbers by sight, like he does his letters. It came up in conversation with a friend and prompted me to ask him when we got home. He has a little thing on the fridge that you can plunk the numbers into and it tells you what number it is, but I never see him using the numbers, just the letters. Anyhow, I digress. Evidently, he does know his numbers by sight. He does confuse 6 and 9, and he did call 10 '21'. Interesting.
Speaking of counting. He's still about the same in the counting as he was the last time I wrote about it. His counting would usually sound something like
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 14, 16, 17, 14, 18, 19, 19, 20. When prompted, he'll do the 20s too. Like if I say, "Twenty.........", he'll say "one" and then he'll continue to thirty.

Come On and Crawl!
So, I thought he was going to crawl about a month ago. He was getting his legs up under him sometimes, he was loving the push ups, and he definitely wants to go places. I unfortunately do not give him a lot of time to practice crawling, as AJ and I drag poor little Dexter around with us everywhere. He will use his rolls to move a bit, and he can shimmy to where he needs to go, but it's a slow process. An actual crawl though.... not quite yet. He seems soooo close, but so far.
Dexter does love to sit and play though. I just love that he can sit on his own now. He likes to sit in AJ's room and watch him play too. It's pretty adorable. They've even fought over some toys. Dexter loves, loves, loves, Fisher Price Little People.


More Fun at Makenna's
We've had some more hot, sunny, pool days at Makenna's. This pic is one from a few weeks ago, but it gives you an idea of how much the kids are enjoying themselves.


Last time, we had the life jackets on them and they were hopping off the ladder to us in the water.
Where are the babies, you ask? On assorted equipment that Jen puts out under the awning. jumparoo, exersaucer, play arc, etc. She's quite the hostess. She even feeds the kids lunch. It's a great time for the kids, the babies, and for us.

Another Sleep Over at Gram's
My mom took the two boys overnight again. So, this is Dexter's second sleepover. He was a good sleeper for Gram. AJ woke at 3:00am probably having some sort of weird dream. Mom, being the true Grandma, decided to let him come out of bed and she turned on a movie for him! What? Crazy Gram!
The next day, AJ went out with Gram and Papa to go see his step-great-grandma for lunch and Dexter stayed home for naps and lunch with Auntie Kimmy. both boys had a great time, as always, and Richard and I did some clean up and organizing in the basement. They brought the kids back around 7:30pm. We were just going to transfer Dexter into his bed, but he wasn't having it. He wanted to party with everyone else.

I think that's it. I may have to come on again later if I remember what else I was going to write about. I should have more to say about Dexter, but not too much has changed.

He had his allergy appointment with the pediatrician and yes there's a milk allergy but it's not reacting very strongly. He thinks Dex will grow out of it by age 1 or 2. So, we're supposed to continue with the soy fomula.

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