Monday, August 11, 2008

Some Funny Stuff

Trials and Tribulations of Toilet Paper
This morning, whilst 'using the facilities', I realized that the TP had run out. I yelled to AJ, "Please bring me toilet paper from Mommy and Daddy's bathroom". AJ comes around the corner, not with a square of paper like last time, but rather a ribbon that trailed from his hand back into my ensuite bathroom. I said, "Thanks, but can you just bring me the roll? I need the whole roll. You know, the roll that sits on the cupboard in the bathroom?" (you see we rarely actually have a roll of toilet paper on the dispenser itself. I was shocked that he had found that or even thought to look there). So, in he comes again, this time as if rolling a snowball to make a snowman, rolling the toilet paper that he had ripped from the roll in the ensuite, thusly bringing me 'the roll' of toilet paper. And like music to my ears, the famous saying, "Here you go Mommy. Here you go."
"Thank you AJ. Thank you."

Dex Does Clapping
No, he's not clapping his hands yet, but he HAS discovered clapping my hands. He holds the outside of my hands/arms and pulls them apart and slaps them together hoping they'll meet and make a sound. He chuckles, chortles, and screams with delight when they meet.

Naughty Spot and Potty Time for Beaker.
Gram and Papa brought back 'Beaker' from the Muppet Show from their trip to California.
Today AJ had Beaker on the Naughty Spot for climbing the gate at the top of the stairs. (this is a big no-no at our house).
Following that, Beaker evidently had to go pee pee on the potty.
I'm glad to see him doing some make-believe.

Organic/Shmorganic, Home-Made/Shmo-Made
Dexy had his first taste of KFC tonight.
Richard brought home some wholesome and delicious KFC tonight. Dexter, as always, was watching the food like a hawk, or rather like a hawkling (is that a made up word?) with an open mouth begging for food. He kept looking bewildered when I'd pop his puree into his mouth as opposed to the delicacy he was observing being popped into my own mouth. I figured, he's had potato, so no harm in some french fry, right? He's had chicken, so no harm in some KFC, right? Well gosh by golly if this kid wasn't chewing. Sucks on Cheerios, and Baby Mum Mum crackers, but chews french fries and KFC chicken. That's a boy!


Efka ja Keirpoiss said...

AJ is so funny

Auntie Erica (who else?) said...

You're still buying KFC!!!?

Tara said...

MWAHAHAHAAAA!!! That is hilarious!