Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Catching Up Again

I'm getting a little bit bad here.

So, originally, when I started this blog, I started because it was a substitute for a baby book. I found I was really bad about writing in a baby book, but I didn't mind keeping track on a calendar and then writing it in here. Hence, all the milestone stuff.

Lately, I've been telling stories of our day, but I should be keeping track of how Dexter's 'coming along' shall we say. The regular daily doings of our family follow this checklist which you can feel free to skip.

So here's your run of the mill check list for my 7 month old second child, Dexter...

feed himself a cracker - check (but I think only half makes it in his mouth)
blowing raspberries - check (heck ya, for a super long time now)
bear some weight on his legs - check (oh yes, he loves standing and would walk if he could. He's always been a lover of standing)
sit without support - check (youbetcha, for about 2 or 3 weeks now)
object if you try and take a toy away - check! (watch out AJ!)
work to get a toy out of reach - check (I find this kid all over the place!)
pass an object from one hand to another - check (he's done this for a long time now
look for a dropped object - check (I'll talk about this in depth later)
rake a item of food and grab in fist - check (for quite a while now)
turn in the direction of a voice - check (for a long time now)
babble, combining vowels and consonants - check
play peekaboo - hmmmm, he enjoys it, but I don't know that he 'plays' it per se
stand holding onto someone or something - check (oh heck ya, for a while now)
pull up to standing from sitting - if I were to put my hands out in front, he'll hold them and pull up to stand, but he wouldn't grab a table and think to do that on his own, and I don't think he could yet anyhow
reaches with one hand instead of two - check
can hold a spoon - check (but isn't accurate that's for sure. It's just for play/practice and because he really wants it)
pats and strokes people/toys to show affection - check (this is adorable)

Looking for Lost Items
Yes, so I couldn't help but notice that for a really long time now, like a REALLY long time, he's looked for things when he's dropped them. It's normal for this age, but I think this is one of those things he was doing way early. I can't remember a time when he'd drop something and act like it disappeared. He always looks over the edge of his high chair.
Running Laps
Too funny. When Dexter's in the Jolly Jumper in the kitchen doorway, he'll start somewhat of a 'running laps' type circle. He also loves to get a good swing going and picks up his feet with his hands.
Food Introduction Continued
Well, I was taking it slow because of the whole milk allergy thing, thinking he might be allergic to other stuff too, but alas no. So, I've stepped it up, but he's not near where AJ was at this point in what he's eating. I think AJ was eating casseroles and such by now. Dexter's working on the finger foods. Sometime since the last time I posted, Dexter's had bananas, potatoes, papaya, parsnips, lentils, and peas if I didn't already mention that.
Eating a Slice of Apple
Dexter was just begging for the apple slices we were having for dessert the other night, and literally, reached over, grabbed the plate, tried to eat the plate, and then grabbed the apple slice and just started going to town! He's really into 'big person food'. He wants it, but he not used to it quite yet.
Close to Clapping
Dexter has discovered hitting items together to make sound. He is in extacy when he does this!
Weighing In and Measuring Up
21.5 lbs, only 2.5 lbs lighter than AJ. Or at least since the last time I weighed AJ. I'll have to reweigh him.
Second Child Enjoys an Arrowroot
Had I read the ingredients? No.
Is there wheat in them? Probably.
Has he been 'introduced' to wheat yet? No.
Is there sugar in them? Heck ya!
Are they a total choking hazard? You bet!
Did I give one to Dexter anyhow? Oh ya.
Did he love it? uh huh. There were no leftovers.

Memorizing His Lines for the Next Part in Toy Story
AJ really loves to watch the movie "Toy Story". There is a scene at the beginning of the movie where Woody is holding the microphone and is about to speak to all his fellow toys, when he says, "Can everybody hear me up on the shelf?"
AJ was playing with his microphone that plugs into his guitar, and he sits on the floor, and speaks into the microphone, looking up, and says, "Can everybody hear me up on the shelf?" I had a good laugh. It was super cute.
Bee Movie in the Park
Last Thursday, AJ, Auntie Erica, and I took the opportunity to see "Bee Movie" at a temporary outdoor theatre at Rotary Stadium. AJ got to enjoy a special treat of a slurpee, popcorn, AND a late bedtime. He was super wired near the end, literally running in circles in front of Erica and I. He had a really good time, and he's still been talking about the bee movie in the park.
Oh No....... Oh No!........ Oooooooh Nooooooo!
Well, he's definitely picked up some melodrama from 'someone'. I can't imagine who?! He's been sighing and saying this when I've said that he can't do something. Like, he asked for a cookie, but I wanted him to eat his breakfast first and when I said, "First breakfast, then cookie", he said, "oooohhhmmmmpppffff. Ooh noo, oh no, oh no." And he looks so depressed and walks away. It's pretty funny. It's one of those 'you had to be there' kind of funny things.

The Beach
Last week on one of those SUPER hot days, Auntie Kim and Uncle Paul accompanied the boys and I on an impromptu trip to the beach.
Dexter, upon entering the cold water screamed like I've never heard him before, desperately clutching me and burrying his face in my chest as though some evil monster were after him. When I finally calmed him in his floaty boat he just looked at everyone as if to say, "Why are you all laughing, smiling, and enjoying yourselves? You're crazy! This is the scariest thing I've ever experienced." He loves the bath, but the cold water, nope. We'll have to see what happens for swimming lessons in September.
AJ had big fun with his auntie and uncle. And of course, as always, about 20 minutes before it was time to go, AJ found a new friend, and they had a great time together. Why can't he find a friend at the beginning?
Have I already mentioned preschool?
AJ starts in September, once a week for 3 hours at the Fine Arts preschool. Dexter and I will get some mommy and me time at a music class at the same facility during that time and probably get some grocery shopping done too. The website said that kids can start at 30 months (2.5 years), but the registration form says 32 months. AJ will be just 30 months at the beginning of September. So I talked to the lady and said, "Well, if it helps, he can write his name (albeit only two letters long...lol, he knows all the letters of the alphabet and most of the lower case ones too, and a little more than half their sounds). Well gosh darned if she wasn't just blown away. All I have to do is fill in some form now to let him start 'early'. YAY.
Anyhow, he'll go once a week. I'd love him to go twice and I think it would be really good for his shyness, but it's just really expensive, and since I'd like to put him in gymnastics too, well, priorities, you know. Not to mention, paying our mortgage is kind of important too, right? Oh ya, and food. Well, Richard thinks those things are more important. I'd put food and mortgage just under preschool, gymnastics, and clothes on the priority list, myself. That's why Richard takes care of the finances. Phew! What a guy!

I think that's just about it!
AJ said "Good bye" to one of our cats Sassy tonight. After Sassy showed his jelous side again (all over my chair in Dexter's room), I decided it was time for Sassy to find a new family.
Sassy's new family came tonight to pick him up. Kind of sad, but a relief too. I'm sad for Sassy. He'll miss Toboo terribly. But I'm happy for me. AJ seemed happy that Sassy was going to stay with 'new friends'. Sassy was never one for being held, so AJ never got close to him.
So now with the passing of Barfin Marvin from Diabetes a few months ago, and Sassy finding 'new friends', the 'crazy cat house' has gone from 4 cats, to a 'normal' and respectable 2. Nice.


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