Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just Stuff

Today's "Weigh'ther (It's a pun)

Dexter - 21 lbs
Feels like - 30 lbs
80% chance of oral precipitation
Sunny all day with cloudy breaks in the early evening.

AJ - 24 lbs
Feels like - 20 lbs
80% chance of ocular precipitation
Sunny all day with freak storms, hail, rain, heat waves, warmth, floods.

He's having a bit of a hard time settling for naps the last couple of days. He's really wanting to crawl. My great tummy sleeper keeps flipping over onto his back and then playing. It's getting a little annoying.
Dexter's got an allergy appointment coming up and due to what seems to be a milk allergy, I haven't been introducing his solids as fast paced as I did AJ's.
Dexter's now had rice cereal, pears, apples, carrots, sweet potato, carrot, green beans, wax beans, squash, zucchini, turnips, oat cereal, barley cereal, peaches, apricots, chicken, and a small bit of peas that were in one of the mix baby food jars.
For the most part, I make homemade purees, then freeze them in cubes for Dexter, just like I did for AJ.

Dexter Rolls and Naps
Well the rolling and attempting to crawl is getting in the way of nap time. I keep going in to see him with his legs up under him or all over the crib. It's driving me bonkers.

Dexter Sitting Up
-I think I can say that Dexter is sitting up unaided now. Although I still like to keep something cushy behind him, I technically can leave the room and when I return, he's still sitting and playing. YAY Dexter. This is the day I've been waiting for. Now you have permission to stop growing and accomplishing things.

-In an attempt to keep him in his bed for his nap, I let him take a nap in his top bunk today. So far, so good.


ErIca said...

LOL at the weather report! Might have to steal that one. Ocular Precipiation- LMAO

Mockabee News said...

Loving the Weigh'ther report.