Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sonja brought over a "Mystery Box" today from the Tjarts today, though I am guessing Erica probably deserves most of the credit

There appears to be my stay worth of "Mystery" gift bags - one for each day, each with a little quote. Some are for Sonja, Dexter, or AJ, but mostly for me. Like I am special or something !

The first "Mystery Bag" was this rocking awesome T-shirt that Erica had to make by hand because the T-Shirt people wouldn't print it because of the X-Box. They were too scared of the "Man".

A true Homebrew Hacked T-Shirt - Even better !

There is not much that makes me loose it, and not keep it together, but this is just super special, and I had a hard time keeping my Toxic Eye Fluids in my eyes.

Thank you soo much !

And thank you to everyone who is helping us out. Be it just words of support, chores, food, gift cards, errands, etc. so much, and so much more then we ever expected. Sonja is the one that needs your help and support the most - She can't cook or clean remember - LOL !


ErIca said...

Thanks for the thank-you but it is not neeeded--- I told Sonja I'm going to start doing things anonymously! But glad you liked the T-shirt. Yes, I did have to stick it to the man to get it done. I even got a hilarious letter from full of "Warnings" not to go make it on my own- lol

Mommy Tarno said...

Glad to hear you still have a sense of humour! Don't worry Richard, we'll make sure that your kids get fed (maybe your wife, too!) - I cook a little bit (not much) more than your for the cleaning I'm with your wife on that one! Thinking of ya lots everyday...J.

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic idea! Richard, i truly can't wait to hear what other mystery gifts you receive? Sorry it is under these circumstances, but what a very neat 'gift' to be the recepient of!

Erica--you are a star and a darling friend. You almost seem too good to be true, lol!

Best recovery wishes
The Nickersons
sami, dave, avery and xander

The Bee Hive said...

That sure is awesome. Love it.

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

Hey! It's not that I can't clean. I choose not to clean!