Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Packing His Bag

Well, I'm spending this evening packing Richard's bag o' stuff he forgot he wanted. I'm heading downstairs now to grab THE BIG WHEELED DUFFLE BAG. Yikes. I hope I can carry everything up there. Suddenly, I'm extra glad to not be taking the boys with me tomorrow. I can't imagine how I would've handled that.

Remember, if you'd like Richard's perspective and/or more detail, go to his blog:


Otherwise, not much to tell today. I was home with the boys today and my sister was here too and helping out. I'm really starting to see the effects of this new chapter of our lives in AJ's behaviour. Or perhaps it's just his age. He is really getting sassy and defiant. He's not liking the 'choices' I'm giving him and instead of feeling compelled to choose one, he instead is letting me know not only that he doesn't like either choice, but also what he would like instead.

Like I said, I have some packing to do. For Richard and the boys too.

Thanks still to Erica and Mom and Kim.
Thanks to Erica's in-laws (Ruth and Henry) for their kind and generous card and to Jen's in-laws for their kindness and generosity as well.
Thank you all.

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