Sunday, June 07, 2009

More Update

So, we enjoyed today after a really great sleep, surprisingly.

Richard took AJ to Costco and let him drive on his lap in the parking lot before it opened. I took Dexter to the park. After lunch and naps, Mom, Ken, Kim, and Paul came over for a visit and brought some much appreciated dinners. Richard also made up a batch of his 'bachelor chow' for dinners for the boys in the coming weeks when there just isn't time to fit in cooking dinner. They were lots of cuddles today all around. AJ got to go outside and water my flowers with me and swing on his swing while Richard did some more work and updating of his own via email.

Tomorrow, the boys will go bright and early to Auntie Erica's, and AJ will go to preschool like usual. In the daycare bag, Erica knows there's a bedtime bottle 'just in case' and PJs 'just in case'. Thanks Erica! (and anyone and everyone else who will be helping out like this and in other ways!)

There has been an outpouring of support and love and we appreciate it all. Many of you have asked if you can cook some meals. The answer is a resounding, "You sure can!" Richard is normally the one who cooks dinner, and I'm sooooo not! We would welcome anything you'd like to cook, but please don't feel compelled. I'm great with my soups, Richard's made up the bachelor chow for he and the boys, and my mom brought over some M&M cabbage rolls and shepherd's pie (some of Richard's favourites!). So, we're not hurting for food. And we've loaded up on our normal groceries.

Now, back to what's most important:

-Tomorrow is the bone marrow biopsy. I'll be taking him. I'll be with him in the room if he'd like me to be and if I'm allowed. I'll give him all the hugs from me and from all of you!
-He was researching the procedure today and feels a lot better knowing what he's getting into.

Send those good health vibes and for those of you who pray, we'll take that too! Thanks!


lisa said...

I will continue to pray for you guys. Perhaps I may even be able to send a meal via Erica. I hope that tomorrow goes well.

Love Lisa

Jennifer Clark said...

Sonja and Richard,

Will be thinking of you both tomorrow. Wishing you well.

The Clarks

ErIca said...

I'm just going to do that from now on so you know I read it.