Thursday, June 18, 2009


I wasn't at the hospital today, so I don't have much to update about Richard except that he had a crappy day today and was feeling ill and tired all day. He has more details....

Missed him a lot today. I'm looking forward to our 'sleepover' tomorrow.

-I had a horrible day. I won't get into details. It involved entertaining Dexter at AJ's gymnastics class and having a major stroller issue at Walmart.
-Suffice to say, I can officially say that I had my first major meltdown. It's been a long time coming. There was some sobbing, and weeping if you will. I venture to say there's more to come.

As our wedding song states "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life":
I have more thank yous for today.

1. Ruth C - Delicious muffins. Thank you. Even AJ devoured one!
2. All of my lovely coworkers at Fleetwood Elementary - Starbucks, monetary helpfulness, gift certificates, and words of love and encouragement. I'm just so touched. I just finished reading all the lovely things everyone wrote. Thank you thank you thank you. I want to say 'it's too much'. Wow.
3. Grandma Carol and Grandpa John (Erica's parents) - Thank you for your lovely, thoughtful card and gift certificates. They will come in handy. I'm hoping to use the White Spot one for a dinner out with Erica and Kevin when Richard's home.
4. Dione (Erica's sister in law) - For your really great little Facebook message. It really brightened my day.
5. Jen - Thanks for the phone call. I needed that.
6. Erica - For letting me meltdown a bit more in my driveway.
7. Tarrie - For fixing my stroller and being the first one to literally be my shoulder to cry on, or rather, 'meltdown' on. Hope there's no snot on your shirt.
8. More friends sending well wishes on Facebook.
9. Kim - Who's probably still waiting for me to respond on our chat about my crappy day.
10. Gail - Your wise wise words.
11. My babywhisperer - birthclub - moms - Who are there for me every day.
12. Dad - For driving me back and forth to the hospital from your place the next two days.

But, in the words of one of my co-workers from Betty Huff, Gail, who has been through something like this with her husband:

"Here - Now - This"

I love it. This mantra is a well worded statement of the motto I have been attempting to tell myself in order to get through this. Now, I have it. I will say it every day.

Thanks so much everyone. Love you all.

Have a lot to do now.
Make a list for packing the boys for my mom's place.
Packing my stuff for staying at the hospital.

Oh wait.
The whole day wasn't bad. I got some serious playtime in with the boys today, some huge hugs, built Dexter's actual toddler bed so he's not just on a mattress on the floor, talked to Richard on the phone a few times, AND did craft time with AJ so he could make some cards for teachers and Father's Day.

Signing out now.

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Al & Bren said...

Sonja and Richard,

Now it starts!! please remember that you both are loved and this is the way it is going to be for awhile but there is rainbow at the end of both will make it thru and your lifes will change but for the better!!
keep the faith..sending healing thoughts to the both of you
auntie Bren and Uncle Al