Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just a Little More Update

Richard and I had our 'sleepover'. He seemed to have an okay sleep aside from being 'sick' at about 4am. He really can't eat much right now and not much is appetizing to him. He says he can just taste the chemicals all the time.

They're still watching his heart. There was only that one instance the other morning, but they are keeping their eye on the situation.

Erica's Mystery Box:
On day 4, it was a necklace for Dexter. He loves to put anything and everything around his neck (not a good habit for a baby). He'll have fun with that when he gets to finally visit Daddy.
On day 5, it was some Crayola Clingers. He gets to colour some window clings and put them up. Again, a great little thing to keep him busy when he gets to visit Daddy.
On day 6, which was assumed to be Father's Day, but ended up being this morning, the day before, it was a cute Father's Day card Erica made with a picture of the boys and a heartwarming message for Richard.

His bulletin board is getting full, especially thanks to Erica's mystery box and the daily quotes.

Richard's feeling better today than yesterday, but it still really tired. He was too tired to come on the computer yesterday, and today, so far, he still isn't feeling witty enough to update his blog for you.

Medically speaking, his white count went up from 1.9 to 2.0. We were both under the impression that the numbers were supposed to go down. The nurse didn't seem concerned, but I think we'll still ask someone else to be sure. Richard's thinking someone may have just been rounding and it actually stayed the same.

On this visit, he didn't have his office all set up. When I arrived yesterday it was just Richard, resting. Still wearing his 'daytime clothes', but looking very exhausted.

As I mentioned, he's done the 3 days of Daunorubicin, and just has until partway into Tuesday left on the Cytarabine. And then we wait.

You know, the fact that Richard is going into this over weight seems to be something that will work to his advantage. The 'fellow' who did the bone marrow biopsy inferred that, as well as I overheard the doctor with the patient across from us mentioning him being so sick and expecting that because he was so thin.


I don't know if Father's Day plans are going to go as planned. I was going to bring AJ and Dexter to see Richard and my mom, Ken, and the kids were going to come too. But Richard thinks that if he's feeling how he's been feeling, we may need to nix that. Maybe, I'll leave Dexter behind and just bring AJ. On his own, he's pretty low key.

We'll see.

Looks like Richard's taking another nap beside me. I've been giving him all the hugs and kisses you've all been sending and then some more!!! It's so nice to be here with him.

I can't remember what else I was going to write, so I guess I'll sign off.

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ErIca said...

good thing you wrote what was in the mystery box because I can't remember anything I put in there!