Sunday, June 21, 2009

Seriously Bagged - point form only

- Richard calls and says he does in fact feel up to seeing the boys and could tolerate, and maybe even enjoy visitors
-I head out the door with the boys around 8:45am and head to Starbucks
-on the highway by 9am
-no traffic, way ahead of schedule, let my dad know that I'm going to be early, as he's meeting me there
-Arrive at 9:45am. nice. Dex slept a perfect 30 minute morning nap and AJ took one too
-stroller held up good enough to get us up there, but clicking the whole way, will have to get that looked into
-Richard says the visit was only about 15 minutes, but I would say more like 30-40. I was quite impressed. Dexter held up pretty well. It was great timing to come just when he'd woken from his nap.
-gave Richard his Father's day cards and AJ's preschool card and the t-shirt we made for Richard
-Richard opened the next gift from Erica, a geeky magazine
-I left with the boys and my dad took us for lunch at Denny's.
-plan was to go to a playground too, but Dexter was beat and it was time for both of their afternoon naps, actually overtime, so we headed home
-Dexter played with my phone so much at Denny's that he slobbered into it and short circuited it
-got to the mall in Abbotsford to see what they could do at the kiosk and they wanted me to buy a new phone
-called Richard, and eventually found out Tarrie could lend me an old one to stick my sim card into until we know if mine will dry
-my phone is currently sitting in a Gladware container of rice to dry out - ARG.
-had promised a trip to the playgorund to AJ, so off we headed in the rain to Eagle Mountain Park. It was nice
-In the meantime, when we had left the hospital, Auntie Brenda and Uncle Al visited Richard and brought him a nice gift basket full of goodies
-When they left, my parents arrived with some stuff too I think, but I can't remember
-it's a good thing we didn't all come at the same time, the room is not conducive to visitors which boggles my mind... Richard should be able to see his kids, but it's like they make it so that he can't. Sure they carry loads of germs, but lots of love too.

-back home... lazy dinner... muffins and bananas
-hanging out with the boys
-bath time for Dex, he poops twice in the tub - all the poops he held in all day
-the boys play
-now bottle time for Dex

I'm bagged. Loved getting to see Richard for Father's day though. Happy Father's Day Richard, Bud, Dad, and Ken.

Thanks again to Richard's visitors for visiting!
Thanks again to Dad for lunch and help at the hospital to make the visit with the boys a success
Thanks again to Ruth C because her muffins were my lazy dinner.

Richard updated his blog with today's events -


lisa said...

Hi Sonja,

We have a sit and stand stroller like Erika's that we aren't using. I was going to put it on the Abb swap, but you are welcome to it if you want it. I bought it just before Rowan was born. It is in great condition...just needs a whipe down :)

Let me know and I can drop it off.

ErIca said...

catching up on the blog- xoxox