Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home From Seeing My Sweetie

Well, upon reading over this entry to myself, I've realized this isn't really a Richard update. Instead, it's more of a Sonja-gets-home-from-a-long-day-and-needs-to-journal-and-talk-and-let-Richard-know-how-much-she-misses-him kind of entry. So feel free to just skip this one.

I'm so glad that Erica took the kids today so I could visit Richard alone. We got some much needed cuddle time and just nice time to talk.

I have so many thanks....
1. hee hee - Erica. I'm soooo glad that Richard mentioned all about your mystery box. I wanted to write all about it, but was holding back. It was so awesome. Something to look forward to every day.
2. Ryan, Wes, and Charlie - Thank you so much for your card and gift card! Much appreciated.
3. Naomi and Murray - Thank you so much for your thoughtful card.
4. Tara - Thank you so much for your thoughtful card and Starbucks.
5. Erica and Mom - For taking care of the boys again. They love you, and I do too.
6. Jill, Jennifer, Chrissy, Pauline, and Niki - It was so nice to see all of you girls. I miss you terribly!
7. Auntie Brenda, Mike, Uncle Al, Michelle, Theresa - Thanks for all of your extra hugs, words of encouragement, and love at Kim's graduation/birthday party.
8. Everyone who's emailing me and Facebooking me with wonderful love and words. It's so nice to come home to all these positive thoughts and friends. It makes it really easy to fall asleep at night, even without my favourite person beside me.
9. Everyone who leaves comments on here or replies to my gmail from here - Again, I love to read your messages and support!
10. My dad - for dinner at "The Spot" and being a great listener to my ramblings.

Speaking of Starbucks.....

lol - This has been the funniest part for me about all of this. Everyone is very concerned about making sure I continue to receive my morning coffee. I REALLY appreciate that. On the mornings where I've tried to hold off and 'save the money', I get a wicked caffeine-withdrawal-headache. The Starbucks cards are really putting a smile on my face. It feels weird to get a 'gift' because Richard is sick, but at the same time, I can guarantee you that I am a better mom and wife when I've had my morning coffee, that's for sure.

Normally, Wednesdays are the boys' daycare day, but with needing to pack up my classroom next Friday and also wanting to bring the boys to see Richard today, I thought I'd have them go to daycare twice next week and not at all this week.
With Richard being nauseous yesterday AND knowing how difficult it would be to really visit him in a shared room that Dexter would be constantly toddling all around, I realized it would be best to take Erica up on her offer to take the kids. My mom was going to be able to come over after work and Erica would drop them off with my mom.
I actually got to sleep in this morning!!! Dexter woke a few times between 4:45am and 6:15am, but kept giving up on banging on his door and just got back in bed. I had to go wake him up at 7:10am!!! Wow. I'll be trying that again tomorrow. Looks like I might get him onto one nap after all!
I dropped off the boys and on my way to the hospital, but not yet out of Abbotsford, I remembered that Wednesday morning was supposed to be breakfast with my sorority sisters. I had planned on taking the boys, and now that I didn't have them, I had forgotten. I hmmm'd and hawww'd and remembered one of the "Taking Care of the Caregiver" type brochures I was reading. It said to make sure you get some 'me time' by going out with friends and trying to do the things you would normally do.
So, I thought, what the heck. I turned around and headed to the Pantry. And lo and behold, it was one of those special days when all 6 of us could actually make it!! I was so happy I went.
I didn't stay too long though. I really wanted to get to Richard. I needed a hug !!!
Once into Vancouver, I was a good girl, and refrained from stopping at the Roots Outlet store on the way. It was tough. I almost turned, but I controlled myself. You know what really stopped me? The Seinfeld episode where Elaine, after finding out her boyfriend has been in a car accident, doesn't leave the movie theatre right away and instead, stops at the candy counter for some Jujy Fruit. The boyfriend was none-too-impressed. I figured if I walked into the hospital with a story about the great deals at Roots as well as an "I went out for breakfast" story, Richard may be none-too-impressed himself.
When I walked into the hpspital room.... whoa!!!... wait!!!... back the truck up here....
**** I didn't just get to walk into the hospital room. I had to lug my giant black wheeled duffle bag filled with all the things Richard had on his wish list for me. Just a few of these items were... his very heavy pillow, and dumbells. Manoevring this and Erica's Mystery Box, from the parkade, across the street, and up to the 15th floor, are in and of itself, a true testament of my love. Don't forget, I also had my purse AND my coffee. Phew.
Okay.. so I walked into his room. Actually, I peeked at him a bit. He was so adorable. Can I say that? Does that embarass him? I just loved how he was all dressed in civilian clothing (which they encourage), at his make shift workstation, typing and talking on the phone. He is using the hospital tray L-shaped against the large window sill as his workstation. It's like he has this awesome corner office. But with about 6 bags of fluids being pumped into him. One of which is bright Kool Aid red, as he mentioned. That's some scary looking stuff.
Anyhow, I digress (what else is new). When I peeked in and saw him 'working', I think I just fell in love all over again. If you know Richard well, then you know how great he is. It's so surreal to think that all this is going on because in some ways, everything's still so normal.
We hung out, we chatted. We chatted some more. We chatted so much. It's amazing how much we had to talk about. I've gotten so used to talking around the kids often interrupted. It's been so nice to just sit and talk with Richard. For goodness sake, I learned something new about him on Sunday in one of our conversations.

At about 5:00pm, I left the hospital. Richard was dozing off and I was going to meet my dad in Richmond for dinner before heading home to see my mom who had the boys at our house. I learned something new about my dad today too; He used to work at White Spot. That was his first job when he was 15 or 16. He used to ride his bike from his house in Richmond all the way to Robson street or something. Wow.

Came home and got to visit with my wonderful mom. AJ was in a great mood. I got to squeeze in a game of Cariboo with him. It was just really nice.

And here I am. It's 11:30pm. I've done the cat-litter which is my newest job now that Richard's away. I'm about to jump in the shower and then head to sleep.

Thanks again to everyone for everything. I'm just overwhelmed by the love. I'm taking all the cards to Richard on Friday. I'll put them on his bulletin board.

And for all of you who read this all the way to the end... wow... that's impressive.


Tara said...

You bit about the conversation and seeing him when you walked in the room was so sweet!

And, hey, if the caregiver has a coffee withdrawal headache, you will be no good to anyone.

Love and prayers.

Tara said...

And, yeah, Erica sounds awesome. Like I want to adopt her, if only to get a custom made T Shirt.

Al & Bren said...


hugs and kisses, give Richard a hug from us..keep the faith everything will be alright.
Auntie bren and Uncle Al

ErIca said...

Sweet- who knew "falling in love all over again" was a side affect of chemo!

The Other Clarks said...

well, what can I say... I am one of the ones who read right to the end... AND one of the ones who madly googled the meds etc..what I will say about that is that be reading the blog I can get an idea of where help is needed... and how my friends are doing..I can only hope that I would be able to handle everything as you would ! Such Troopers !
Sonja.... I clean a mean toilet... and have my days free... so do you need a cleaning lady yet?

Love to you both today... I am thinking of you ... and admiring your courage !

The "other" Clarks

The Bee Hive said...

As if you guys needed any more kindling in your relationship, this may just be another building block to an awesome marriage...

Nice work. ;-)

maitai said...

Yes, I read to the end...just b/c I can. Are you two on your honeymoon still? So sweet! Too funny about the Seinfeld moment...could have been a real life one. Loving the mystery box...that could work for so many occasions. I might have to steal that...are you sharing what you're receiving or is the t-shirt a tease?

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

Oh yah... day 4. I wonder.

He was probably too sick today to post what he got for day 4.