Friday, June 19, 2009

My Update for the Day

Today was nice. I had Jack and Rya today so the kids were busy and having fun.

Did I mention in my last update that Christine watched the babies for me at my house so I could go to AJ and Jack's preschool show and graduation? They're not actually graduating (going into kindergarten), but the whole class wears little grad hats and throws them into the air. They sang 5 songs for us. Finally I understand what he's been singing around the house! That ABC song took me a while to decode. I've got it now...

Sammy Snake says SSSS in words. SSSSS in words. SSSSS in words.

I thought he was just making up random words to his own tune.

Kevin was able to come for a little bit to record it all, so I'm sure at some point, Erica will be putting that up on her blog and I'll link you to it. Thanks so much Kevin!

Kevin popped by a little early to pick up Jack and Rya which was really handy for today since I was heading to the hospital for the evening. Shortly after he came, Kim arrived with a bag of my favourite popcorn to snack on at the hospital (thanks Kim), and to take the boys to Mom's house overnight. Today really couldn't have worked out more perfectly, except for the traffic, but I won't bother getting into that. It's becoming a norm, so there's no point in discussing it every time I drive to the hospital.

I drove to Richmond to park at Dad's place, and he drove me to the hospital. He'll pick me up tomorrow too.
Dad got to come up to check out Richard's diggs and say a little 'hello'.

Richard's having a better day than yesterday, but he's still REALLY tired and not feeling well. I don't even really know if he's going to be up for a visit with the boys on Father's Day. I've just asked him to stay really upfront about visiting. To make sure that he tells anyone (even me) if he's not in the mood for a visit.

I brought him all the cards that have been coming to the house. He was really overwhelmed. I don't get to see Richard choking up very often, almost never. He is just so grateful (as am I) for everyone's generosity and understanding during his illness.

Thank you so much everyone.

His haemoglobin was really low today like 74 (which I'm sure is only low to me right now and could possibly go lower), so he was given another transfusion today.

Details about that and Richard's perspective will hopefully get posted on his blog later when he wakes up. I'll scribed for him because he's too tired to come to the computer.

In case he doesn't come over here, I'll type what I know.
*He's not enjoying the hospital food as of late.
*He's really tired.
*There's a few little things that he doesn't remember, like he's been so ill and tired feeling that he can't remember if he pulled down his blind or one of the nurses did. The counts I can see on his calendar say 1.9, 73, 10, but I don't know what they all mean.
*He's done his Daunorubicin. Yesterday was the thrid and last day.
*He is on day 4 of the Cytarabine. 3 days left of that.
*In about 10 days from now, they'll do a bone marrow biopsy again to see how things are looking.

If he were awake right now, I think he'd just want to say how thankful he is for everyone's love and generosity.

He got to talk to AJ and Dexter on the phone at my mom's tonight.
AJ asks every morning where Daddy is when he first stumbles out of bed. But he does know these facts
1. Daddy is very sick.
2. Daddy is getting lots and lots of medicine from the doctor.
3. Daddy has Lakeenya (Leukemia).
4. We will hopefully see daddy on Father's Day.

When Kevin arrived to pick up Jack and Rya and I yelled up to Jack "Your daddy's here, Jack", Dexter climbed up dangerously on the back of the couch to look over the stair ledge and said, "Dada! Dada? Dada?". But to his dismay, it was only Kevin. :(

Baby Book
-Dexter is frustrating me to no end as his climbing has reached a new level, literally. He climbs up onto his change table now and clears off his shelf. ARG.
-AJ, over at my mom's tonight, who is recently, and yet again, extra facinated with 'who is who'. He knows Kim's my sister, Paul's my brother, Gram's my mom, Granny is Richard's mom, etc. I thought he had it all figured out until he suggested tonight that Papa is Gram's dad, or that they are brother and sister.
-AJ did great singing and actions at the performance today. I was surprised at how non-shy he was. He was really excited to see me there watching and was waving and smiling. Near the beginning, he yelled out, "Hi mom. Watch me!"

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