Monday, June 08, 2009

Does anyone like to.......

Seriously, does anyone enjoy coming home, checking his mailbox, and finding two brochures on cremation and one on funerals on a normal day? Let alone, in these circumstances?

Man. We had to just laugh.

So, you're all wondering how today went. We got up bright and early at 4:45am. I'm putting in a side note that Dexter spent another perfectly lovely night in his toddler bed with no problems at all. We got ready like a normal work day. We dropped off the kids at 6:25ish at Erica's house. About 2 hours earlier than she normal gets them!!! Thanks Erica! And we headed downtown. I've never been so happy to have the boys waking 'early' on their own as I was today. I would've felt a little badly waking them up at 6:00am. They both woke around 5:45am. Perfect.

We arrived WAY ahead of time at a little before 8am. We were in a 'bed' room today because Richard would be getting the procedure (bone marrow biopsy). He had some more blood taken to check his blood levels and to have a 'cross match' on hand, as they only last for 3 days at a time. The doctor came in to explain the procedure more. The nurse told us about her son, who in medical school, would get paid $35 for each bone marrow biopsy he had done. This was the only way that students could get the cells to work on. So she said to ask himself 'is this worth $35?'. They gave him some morphine and some adavan. Nice.

Yes, I was in the room with him for the procedure. I was planning on being there if they'd let me. Richard then began to change his mind, as he worried I would 'lose it'. Me? Lose it? Never! I asked him to clarify what 'lose it' means. I said, "I'll probably cry or something while I'm telling you that I love and stuff." He said, "Yah, that's losing it." So, then, I wasn't going to be staying in the room.

The nurse and doctor came in and started just getting everything prepped under the assumption that I was staying in the room. They raise the bed up really high, so I can't see what's going on anyhow. Richard didn't even have to put on a hospital gown. They just have him curl up on his side and take off his belt!! (A lot of planning went into what side Richard wanted to choose as his 'sore side'). So, I was staying in. Was it painful for him? Yes, like, an awkward 'funky' pain. He didn't cry. Maybe welled up. I totally held it together, and actually, was a little facinated and took some peaks.

During the procedure, the doctor could not remove any fluid. It was a 'dry tap'. The doctor said possibly because of fibrosis or bad cells in the way. The doctor took two bone samples though. Each was about 1.5 to 2 cm long. Yeeowch.

They will also be using Richard in a study. lol. Super. Now what does that mean? Is it that weird or rare? I don't know. Or, is it just the norm.

Richard concluded that 'no - it is not, in fact, worth $35'. At first, he thought he'd maybe do it for $100, then changed his mind to 'for a new iPod'. "I'd do it again for a new iPod". lol.

Then he was to relax in the bed. We watched a little tv. And, of course, chatted. We were informed that Richard's haemoglobin is low again, at 89, but they don't transfuse until it's down at 80.

They asked us to move into the waiting room where the comfy chairs are because someone needed the bed. We realized that Richard couldn't really walk. He had to limp as he couldn't put pressure on the leg and it would kind of give out. We went to the waiting room. The nurse came back in, informed us to come back on Wednesday morning at 8am for a transfusion and hopefully, results. At this point, we don't know if he'll be getting admitted that day or not.

Then we were free to go. So, I went to the nurse in the hall and said, "So, he can't really walk. Do we get crutches or something? Or do they wheel him to the door and I pick him up?" She looked very bewildered and said she'd get the doctor, as no, this apparently is not the norm. The doctor figures he must've hit a nerve while digging around in there. He gave Richard some Tylenol 3's and Richard just leaned on me and hobbled to the car. He was already walking a bit better by that point.

Then, we met my dad for lunch near the airport. Yes, for those who don't know, my dad lives in Richmond. He also has a fold out couch. I'm sure we'll be using him for me to crash there, and/or for some days when I have the boys with me, for their naps. Thanks for lunch, Dad. That really hit the spot for both of us!!! Mmmmm. Richard doesn't have a huge appetite right now. He's already lost about 5lbs since Thursday night. If this is the way to universe is trying to tell us to get in shape, I don't like it one bit!!!

Okay. So, what's next? Oh yes. We drove home. Poor Richard had to be in the passenger seat once again. He does not enjoy this and claims that I tailgate. I said, "Tailgaters are angry. I'm not angry. I'm just doing my normal work commute. This is what I do." He held onto that handle above the window, for like the whole ride home. I don't know if it was to deal with the pain in his butt, or me (the other pain in the butt).

I, of course, having not had my morning coffee was just about to fall asleep at the wheel and pulled into the Starbucks drive thru to pick up the 'iced' version of my favourite drink. That was a good pick me up. I thought that I was going to give up Starbucks in light of our new financial situation, but instead, I guess, I need baby steps and only ordered a 'tall' instead of a 'grande'.

Richard got to nap on the way home, and once home, he's napping again. I'll go pick up the boys from Erica's in about 30 minutes.

**We found out something interesting today. I was asking about bone marrow donation and if the donor needs to go through the same painful procedure (I'm a real whimp), and she said that they don't take the marrow now. They boost you with white blood cells and then extract stem cells from your arm. Hmmmm. Interesting.

I'd better get my butt in gear and go donate some blood and put myself on a donor list!

I think that's all I'm going to say right now. I have 'a few things on my mind and my to do list' And, I'd like to go do those things.

Keep sending your love to the man we all love. My love, Richard.

Thanks everyone. You're keeping me very strong....

Sincerely, Sonja


Kristi K said...

So sorry to hear your family is going through this, although I have never met Richard I will definately be sending my prayers!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sonya, Richard, AJ and Dexter--hugs to all of you. I have been looking at your site for several years now and it was the first place I look last night to see if you had posted any news and was very relieved to see that you had posted several items! I know that it will be difficult to keep your blog up to date at times, but I just want you to know that we "creepers" are are out there. When Norma phoned me on Friday with the news about Richard, I was in a state of disbelief, as everyone probably was. I just want you to know that you will be in my prayers as you go step by step through this frightening experience. Continue with your updates and give a big hug to Richard and your beautiful (and VERY smart) boys! Elva (now in Lab. City until June 25)

ErIca said...


LOL- "pain in the butt"

Anonymous said...

Hey Sonja. I am close by too, if you need another babysitter! (No guarantee that they would return as clean as they were dropped off, though!)
Thinking good thoughts,

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

Thank you so much.

Shellie Munro said...

WOW Sonja, this is quite a story!! I am sorry to hear of your hard times, but know deep down that you are all going to be ok!! Stay strong and try to stay positive!

I'l lbe thinking of you guys!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the day was not as bad as you had thought. I am sending lots of positive vibes your way.....AND I'll drop off dinner in the next little while for you...I know you have a huge stash of Richard's special, BUT achange is always nice :) TRULY of you need a sitter, or a playdate:) I would love to help out


Sophie said...

Hi Sonja and Richard.
Im so sorry to hear about what you are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Be strong and think positive. I am sending you a whole bunch of positive vibes your way.

Tassi said...

I can't believe how fast everything has fallen into place. Obviously hoping for quick diagnosis & super speedy treatment. Best of luck Sonja.
Funny how life can change in a moment.
Thinking of you & all your boys.

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

Thank you everyone. It means so much hear from you all.

Mommy said...

We are thinking of you guys every moment of every day. I know you know this but I'll tell you again anyways..I'm here for whatever you need - only a phone call or email away. Sending lots of positive vibes your way... Love you all... Jen & Dave & the Kidlets