Friday, June 19, 2009

More Thanks

Thanks to Christine who came to my place to watch the babies so I could watch Jack and AJ at their 'preschool graduation' party. Very special.

According to Miss. Tonya, when Jack grows up, he'd like to be a man.

When AJ grows up, he'd like to be a 'big kid' (no doubt like-uncle-paul).

I, of course, forgot my camera, so I took pictures on my phone (I think), and I sent them to Richard on his phone (I think). I'm hoping maybe he can post them. They had little graduation hats.

Thanks to Kim (Erica's friend, and therefore, mine too, by proxy) - For bringing by some special stuff for the boys (books and cool straw cups), Starbucks for me, a beautiful card, a rotisserie chicken for me to divvy up and freeze for the boys, and the offer to watch the babies next week when I have Jack and Rya on AJ's gymnastics day. It will be really fun because it's parent participation day, so Jack will get to do gymnastics with AJ that day. I'm anticipating crazy excitement!! I think I'm forgetting something in that nice gift package.

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