Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day One of Catching Up on Pictures

Good grief.  We're so behind on putting up pics that I have to look back at Easter.  I don't think I posted those!

Easter festivities at the church.

The last supper, I think?

The Easter Bunny arrived.  Excuse the horrid photos, as I suck at taking pictures, so badly with the new camera, even more than the last one.

Down the hall, a little trail for each of the boys.  Excuse the craziness, and missing vent in the hall as you approach the living room, as I was in the middle of painting and putting up pictures and such.

Hence, the hammer.
Hence, all the furniture moved away from the walls.

We went to see Richard's parents on the island, and for some reason, forgot to take any pictures?  But on our way to the ferry terminal, we stopped at a trail to take a walk.  There are some rock carvings in the trail.

And worms.

This day, the boys were constructing a bunch of 'angry birds' out of Duplo.

We did not go to see the big tulip festival in La Connor, like we originally planned, but we did go visit a little nursery that had lots of tulips.

Left to right: AJ, Jack, Dexter, Rya.

AJ and Jack telling us the flowers smelled badly.

This grass area that you see AJ tumbling into was the favourite part of the day, for sure.

One lone blackish purple tulip.

Richard must've been taking these photos, as I never could have done these.

AJ having some arts and crafts time, making Thor's hammer.

Soccer practice, the early days, when AJ and Dex practiced together.

Dexter is standing in goal there.

Not sure why I took this pic.  

Whenever Emerson comes over to play, the first thing she asks to do is to paint.

Jaxon and Dexter playing swords in the basement.

Auntie Kim's new puppy.

Painted the fireplace black like Richard wanted, and the walls are tan.

Still not done at this point.  Our wedding picture is up on the wall now.

The boys and I having tea time.

AJ receiving his student of the month award.

More soccer practices.
Dexter probably whining about something to the coach.

I remember this day clearly.  It had been so quiet for about 45 minutes. 
To top it off, AJ's door was closed.  I thought something very bad must be going on.
But luckily, no.  It was puzzles!  

Daddy playing Pokemon.

One of many fun lunches this school year.

AJ was getting dressed for a wedding reception.  He thought that he looked "just like Jared" (Kim's boyfriend).  

Another lunch.  I had baked cheese biscuits.  A big favourite.

Sports Day!  There was a deer watching the fun.

AJ was thrilled that his team had won that round of the tug-o-war.

Sun Hang Do came to do some stuff with the kids for Sports Day.  Dexter just had to stand up and join in.

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