Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Need to Get Some Picture Up in Here

I'm having trouble getting pictures from my phone and from the little camera.  They're coming soon, Grannie!

In the meantime, a little funny for the baby book....
Last night, instead of just packing AJ's lunch like I normally would, I made the mistake of saying, "Hey, what would you like for lunch tomorrow." His response, "I'd really like to open my lunch and see some peanut butter cookies in there." I bet you would cutie. Sounds like we're making much overdue peanut butter cookies tonight!

Dexter's been coming up with some great lines too.  I should really start writing that stuff on the calendar like I used to when they were babies.  Oh well.  I do remember that when it was raining and the chalk drawings from our stairs were washing away, he said, "Look.  It looks like rainbow milk."  I liked that one.  Today was, "You know, Mom.....  (which is how he starts every sentence)... God made the whole world.  Everything."

Summer Camps

Tumbling camp has ended.  It was great, but having Dexter in the class with AJ got silly by about class 5.  If I put AJ in again in August, I won't be putting Dexter in with him.  Too brothery.

AJ's in all day skateboard camp this week.  From 9am-4pm.  It's 6-9 year old.  I think he's the only 6 year old.  He's having a blast.  They even went swimming today which meant he had to be a big boy and change in the men's changeroom and get dried and dressed all by himself.  When I asked him how swimming was today, he said, "I accidentally wore my underwear under my bathing suit."  So, I said, "Oh, so you're not wearing any underwear now?"  He said, "Yah, I am.  I dried it."    "How?" I said.    "With a towel," he said.  Jeepers.  I think he likes wearing underwear with his bathing suit, so I'll just pack him another pair for tomorrow.

Dexter started his bike camp yesterday, but alas, it was as I thought, it was all kids who couldn't ride without training wheels.  I had called ahead to double check that and they thought it would be a mix, but no.  It's intention is to get kids off of training wheels.  Dex has been riding without training wheels close to a year and a half, and I really wanted him learning some bike sense and safety kind of stuff.  He had fun that day getting to ride all over a gym and for $30 I can't complain.  But the teacher must've read my mind and suggested he go in the 6-8 year old class that's for two hours right following the morning one.  There is no preschoolers-without-training-wheels camp.  It's too bad.  I'm going to suggest that.  So, Dexter got to join the big kids today and he road on trails and everything.  He was pretty excited, but totally exhausted since he rides a little 12" and had to pedal like crazy to keep up. Poor guy.  I've lowered the seat on AJ's in hopes that Dexter can use that tomorrow.  He can just touch the ground on the 16 ".  We'll see how that goes.  It's probably time for me to get AJ a mountain bike type thing with gears anyhow.

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