Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Has Started, Finally

Oh, I have to get on here more often.  More importantly, I need to get Richard to upload photos from the little camera and my phone which get used way more than our large camera.   Here are just a few to see and a little something I wanted to jot down about the boys ....

If I remember correctly, Dexter had drawn our house and a map for Grannie to tell her how to get here.  I think he's missing you, Norma.

Dexter's sleeping.  Can't remember if there was a reason I took this picture, but awwww.

Finally summer has arrived.  The little pool is up.  No big pool again this year.  Maybe next year.  The boys have a blast in here paddling around on the boogie boards.  

AJ got a trophy at the end of gymnastics this season.  "Most Improved Athlete".  
I feel the need to write that he's wearing his Ben 10 pajamas and that he was not out in public in this shirt.
 And here you can see that he was, in fact, happy about that.

Summer so far:

July is packed.  I want to remember this.  I'm not sure how I'll feel about it at the end of July.  Will I miss it or be relieved.

Sprinkled in this schedule are playdates, and optional, fun library events like a magician and such.  Also, the boys are in the summer reading club from the library.  Although that doesn't take up any extra time, it sure does make sure that I don't slack on bedtime stories this summer.

Mondays - Mommy's gym, skate park if there's time, lunch, tumbling camp, home to play, early dinner, soccer practice.

Tuesdays - Open for whatever we like... the lake... being lazy... friends.. visits... library stuff... whatever.

Wednesday's - Mommy's gym, skate park if there's time, lunch, tumbling camp, home to play, early dinner, soccer practice.

Thursdays - Same as Tuesdays.  Today we visited with Auntie Kim and spent the day in the back yard.

Fridays - Mommy's gym, skate park if there's time, lunch, tumbling camp, straight to AJ's piano practice, and straight to swimming lessons, early dinner, optional soccer game.  This Friday night we're going to see Sesame Street Live courtesy of free tickets from the boys' dentist office!  Cool.  I'm pretty stoked.  We've never been to anything like that before.

Tumbling camp just started this week and continues next week. 
Next week we add VBS (Vacation Bible School) to the mix for AJ from 9-12 Monday to Friday.  Eek.  I"ll help in the nursery on one of the days.
The following week, AJ starts his all day skateboarding camp from 9-4:30!!!  Skateboarding in the morning and swimming in the afternoon.  That same week, Dexter starts his bike camp just for 1 hour each morning.


Dexter is just bursting with the desire to read right now.  He is reading already, and has been for a while now.  He sounds words out and knows the basic necessary sight words.  However, just this past week, he started asking to learn 'new words and digraphs'  (There's a reason he knows that word.  It's from a favourite movie).  The other day (I think exhausted from being in the sun all day), he just sat on the couch with one of AJ's chapter books for darn near close to an hour!  He was not reading that, of course, just looking at the pictures.  But man.  An hour!

To my delight, he said this yesterday morning, "Mom, I know how to spell cheese......  C H S... oh, no.  E E."  My heart skipped a little beat.  Too adorable.


AJ has a vivid imagination. We learned how to play marbles tonight and he already had names for all of the different ones. Ask him where he learned all the names.... from his secret spy ninja club. "Did you meet these friends at school?" "No, they're from all over the world, like Asia." "How did you meet them?" "I don't remember."
Here were some names of the different marbles he told me about:
red lava
orange lava
purple instinct 
 brown sugar
rainbow destroyer
 blue water
blue ice
white annoy
Where does he come up with that stuff?

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