Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wish I Had My Camera

***had to come back and edit this one because there were some mistakes that interfered with meaning

In the afternoon yesterday, I wanted to 'get out of the house'. It was raining, and hard. The kind of rain I call torrential downpour. The kind of rain that kicks your butt and tells you why you should wear a real raincoat and rubber boots, not your water resistant jacket and American Eagle fake Uggs.

At least I dressed the boys properly. AJ wore a raincoat and rubber boots. Dexter wore his cute Fireman raincoat, but not rubber boots. He has some, but hasn't mastered moving quickly in them and this would be a long walk. So, he wore sneakers with his Stonz over top.

I've never been so happy to not have sold something. I almost sold these. I couldn't fathom them still fitting over Dexy's shoes in the winter. I hadn't thought of the rain in the summer.

The boys had a blast! Permission to splash in puddles was granted. Big deep puddles. We were soaked. I never thought to put on their rainpants. We were drenched. Dexter walked and walked and walked. It was definitely the longest he's ever been given the chance to walk. Down our road, up the hill of the next, up the hill of the next, up the hill of the next, down into the back path, around about 1/4 of the path, up the steep hill, up the next road, and just as we were nearing the last road that headed back to our house, Dexter turned to me with his arms upstretched and said, "Up." I didn't have a sling with me, nor a stroller. This was one of those, 'just us' trips.

The boys were in puddles that were higher than Dexter's boots. I could feel water sloshing back and forth in my boots. Nice. They had big fun.

Dexter's been saying Starbucks "darduh" and AJ is back on a letter tracing/letter printing kick again. He dug out some of his books and started to work.

Dexter's been into signing 'please' with more intent now. He's saying 'gone' again. He's signing and saying 'banana' like crazy. He loves bananas.

I'll be at the pool with the boys today and we'll have a bit of fun.

Richard is at the hospital today with his mom. Should be a pretty short day unless he gets a tranfusion. He was supposed to have dental work done, but that's being postponed since he's still neutrapenic.

He's been feeling good, but everything still tastes pretty badly for him. That didn't stop him from making dinner for us all last night. I had told him I'd do something easy and lunchish for the boys since they have both picked up a little cold and are not big into eating, but he didn't hear me say that. So he prepared a really great dinner. Thanks baby!

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