Tuesday, August 11, 2009

News, New, and Overdue

Four 'shout outs'....

1. Erica - Thanks for taking back my library books. I don't know if you agreed to it knowing that there were a very heavy 56 books to take back, but regardless, it's very appreciated. I'll be taking AJ to the library tonight in all likelihood.

2. Andrea (my new job share partner) - Thank you so much, if I didn't already thank you profusely for all the M&M treats. I have no idea that microwave grilled cheese sandwiches would be soooo delicious!

3. Sharon, Emily, and Claire - Thank you so much for coming by moments ago with a GIANT bucket of fresh picked blackberries. I may be forced to bake now.

4. Jen - If I haven't already said so, thanks so much for all of your help with swimming lessons.

Some AJ news - I forgot to mention AJ's new found appreciation for movies. He likes movies, but as of late, he's much more 'into' them and their plots and jokes. He's laughing out loud and telling me about 'funny parts' and getting sincerely worried for the characters when they're being chased and yelling, "Oh no! He can't get him! Noooo, don't!!"
-AJ passed into Salamandar level for swimming today. He was doing glides with his face in the water, and he was going down the little slide without needing someone there for moral support over and over and over dunking and everything. Finally, he truly looked comfortable. He looked so thrilled at lessons today being one on one with the instructor. It's a long story, but we were surprised with some complimentary private lessons by the aquatic centre to help AJ master his last three skills for his level.
-AJ will be back in gymnastics again for fall, but this time with Makenna too. It'll work out nice for all the 'babies' to get to play together during that time as Dexter would get bored out of his tree at gymnastics.
-AJ will be starting back to preschool again in the fall too. He'll be Tuesday/Thursdays this time, as those will be the days that Erica and I will switch care of the kids. Makenna will be in the class too!

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