Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Calm After the Storm

For those of you following the journey....

Some rays of sunshine.

1. Richard cleaned off the battery terminals and the truck is all good. I don't understand what the rough sounding gear change might have been or why it's gone away since he cleaned the terminals, but I won't question it. Anyhow, I have a working vehicle. YAY.

2. I'm hopefully going to look at a van today or tomorrow. It's in Mission. We'll see how that pans out.

3. Had a great morning with the boys at Walmart (to buy a curtain rod for Dexy's room, as he busted his blinds and we ate blackberries from bushes in the parking lot), Starbucks (story on that momentarily), and then a playground at Mill Lake (complete with fallen apple-kicking and duck watching and the surprise of a shopping cart in the lake that quite amused Alton).

Starbucks Funny
-Today, I didn't get my 'usual' cheap drink. I splurged on a Mint Mocha Java Chip Frappe. At the playground, AJ asked if he could try my....

"Crap crappa crappa chip crap"

I wonder if Richard's been brain washing him.

Fallen Apple Kicking
-Near the 'boat park' is an apple tree that has lost a whole whack-load of it's apples. I may have to put AJ in soccer. Apple after apple after apple, he was picking them up, dropping, and mid air kicking them. With......... HIS LEFT FOOT!!! I've made a "Little-Debbie". Just like my mom, AJ is right-handed but does everything 'lefty'. He bats left, sticks left, and I realized, kicks left.
-I'll be happy he's leaning toward soccer. It's better than 4am hockey practices, that's for sure. Hmmmm... boring rainy games with scores like 0-1 or 4am practices? It's a hard decision. Maybe he'll just keep up with the gymnastics.
-Dexter - Everything in my power to stop him from eating those apples.

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The Bee Hive said...

LOVE the crap reference!