Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Brothery Kind of Week

So that I don't forget to say it for the 'baby book'. Dexter signed 'milk' when I said that we were looking at a picture of a pig drinking milk from their mommy. He's signed milk before, but not for a while, so I was impressed when he did it on his own. He also signed bike when we were watching a bmx video online from my dad.

He said something new today too, but darned if I can remember what it was.

As for AJ. He's just been wanting to know what EVERYTHING says. Every store, every restaurant, every sign we pass, he's spelling out the signs and then trying to sound them out. He's really learning all about how wacky our language is with all of it's exceptions to it's spelling rules. lol. Poor guy.

Alton, Dexter, and I started our day with the usual coffee stop and then playground. I took the boys to the awesome school playground again. I had originally wanted to take them to the lake in the morning, but the forecast called for 15 degrees in the morning and 24 in the afternoon.

Home for nap.

In the afternoon, despite the cloudiness and the fact that it was not, in fact, warmer than the morning, we still headed for a late trip to the lake. The boys entertained themselves with minimal swimming, a lots of bucket and shovel time in the sand.

Realizing I had forgotten to take the camera to the beach, I quickly hauled it out for some shots on the stairs to at least 'capture the day'.

Inside, Dexter and AJ were having fun with cars, Rescue Heroes, and the scooter.

Some sharing.

Dexter's showing off his totally mad big-kid skills by using his foot to propel himself forward.

The day before yesterday, I think, after work, my Auntie Brenda and cousin Michelle came to drop off AJ's costume that they picked up for me at Old Navy. AJ picked out the spider costume online, and thanks to them, he can be one!

Here is is trying it on and drinking the leftover milk from tea-time. Silly.

Today is Richard and I's anniversary. Four years married, to the day. Seven years together, to the day. Here's a few snipits of some of our fun together. I don't actually have a lot of pictures of us together... hmm.. mostly Hallowe'en.

Here we are as Peter and Lois from "The Family Guy". AJ was being babysat for the Hallowe'en party. He would've been 7 months old.

And here we are with our first... Alton James Clark.

Here we are the next Hallowe'en.

(yup, plug and outlet... we're sickos)

This was what came next. Dexter Alexander Clark.

And this....

But we still find time, thanks to "my babysitters"... (aka... Mom, Ken, Kim, Paul) to get out of the house alone sometimes, like to my friend Jill's birthday!

And look at these beautiful boys of ours. I always envisioned myself with two boys. I didn't know they'd turn out this great.

Silly Christmas photo attempts.

What will we do for our anniversary? Thanks to my Mom, Ken, Kim and Paul taking the kids overnight, we will have Saturday night to go for dinner and a movie, sleep in the next day, and do whatever we please on Sunday before heading for dinner at their place. Thanks to Richard's mom and dad, Norma and Bud, that dinner will be at The Keg!!!

Thanks Mom and Ken.
Thanks Norma and Bud.

I love you, Richard.


Steph said...

You do have great boys, who are super cute especially when next to each other! Hope your anniversary was fabulous and celebrating this weekend even better!! Blessings on many great years ahead!!!

Dee said...

Happy Anniversary, Sonja and Richard!! Those are precious pics of the boys.