Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big Day for the Clarks!!!

To all of AJ and Dexter's Grandmas, Grandpas, and Aunts...

You know all those times I've told you not to give them too much sugar, cookies, candy, chocolate, and definitely NO POP!!!

Yah,. .... well....

That's because they obviously get enough sugar from us (well, Daddy). Here they are enjoying 5:30pm Slurpees. (Daddy also bought Fun Dip to be enjoyed at a time and day yet to be announced).

Well, it was a long overdue special family outing today. Richard hasn't had this big of a day in probably almost 3 months!!

We left the house around 9:15am, to pick up my coffee, dropped off Richard's parents' car to get it's new window at Ken's work, and then we were off to...

The Waterslides!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy and his boys!
What goofballs!

Here comes.....


Here comes AJ who lands into the chest deep water all by himself! What a brave boy!

And AJ's favourite.... picnic lunch!!

Richard The Great
Slight change to my last update. Rather than have an appointment at VGH on Tuesday AND have to go for blood work locally on Monday as well, he just called them yesterday and changed his Tuesday appointment to Monday to save the hassle. But other than that, he's home until Monday. No drives until then.
How's Richard Feeling
Much better. Feeling great, but pretty wiped from our big day. We won't be forcing him to have that much fun every day. It was great to see him out in the fresh air and having a great time. Thank goodness he was there to take AJ down the medium sized waterslides because 'mommy-don't-do-waterslides'.

Thanks for a great day, Baby. Love you lots.


And to Grannie McNeil:
We're thinking about you lots and hoping you're feeling better.

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Steph said...

Great stuff, looked a fabulous outing! And yay for slurpees!