Friday, August 07, 2009

How's Richard?

He's doing pretty darned well since the last update.

Yes, he's still neutrapenic (no immune system) and will be for probably another week-ish, so no malls, no movie theatres, no parties, no restaurants, etc, but.... feeling good, considering.

He got a blood transfusion and platelets on Wednesday and today he got platelets again. He was up and about and feeling good yesterday and today, he's pretty chipper too. He still tires pretty easily, but I'm talking in the grand scheme of things, here, or compared to how's he's been looking and feeling in the past two weeks (chemo and the following week).

He has his next appointment on Sunday and they seem to be every two days still while they keep an eye on his numbers, waiting for them to start going up.

Looks like we'll be able to go to my cousin's wedding which will be nice. Richard asked for them to put off his next round of chemo by a week or so to start just after the long weekend, so that he would be able to enjoy the wedding and the 'night out'.

My parents have the boys overnight again, what a treat for us! I already miss them though. I was just thinking of AJ's voice while I was out gallavanting about this evening. My sister came over last night and spent the night. She went to watch AJ and Dexter's swimming lessons (which Norma had come to watch the day before). Afterwards, Starbucks drive thru, of course, and then back home. But, oddly, my headache that I've had really dull for the past week, seemed to be turning into a migraine (2 in a week???!!!). Luckily, Kim was there. I put Dex down for nap and went to sleep, asking Kim to put AJ down 30 minutes later.

Slept for 1.5 hours. That and the two extra strength Tylenol and two Advil Liquigels squashed the migraine good and I woke up just-a-fine. Thank goodness!

Richard will probably be updating his blog again tonight if you'd like to hear his version of how he's doing.

Some of you have been inquiring about the car situation:
*I'm still driving 'big blue'.
*I'm going to be checking out a friend of a friend of a friend's van hopefully this weekend.
*Ken's keeping his eyes peeled at work for vans coming in on the lot.

There you go.

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