Saturday, August 15, 2009

Well, Since We Got a New Car, You Had to Know That Something Bad Was Going to Happen

Last night, Norma's driver's side window was smashed out (and another neighbor's window too). Seriously?

I feel like printing out a picture from our picture site and making a sign to leave down where she parks because you know the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime.

How's this?



This is my husband with his two children. My husband has Leukemia and has to go to Vancouver General Hospital about every day or two. You just smashed out the window of his mom's car who is staying with us to drive him to all of his appointments.

If you have a conscience, you should probably slip the money for the deductible into my mailbox, no questions asked.

Otherwise, Karma's going to get you.... really badly.


Is that too much?

Some Good News!!

Richard's grandpa is out of the hospital after having surgery(thanks for the Facebook update, Uncle Bruce and thanks for the email update, Aunt Elaine). We're happy to hear this and to know he's back in the comfort of his own home with lots of love and care from Elaine and Bruce.

Glad you're back home, Grandpa!

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ErIca said...

Do it. Doooooo it.
Do it BIG! Put it on the stop sign!