Monday, August 24, 2009

Sorry, I've Been Outside, A Lot



I EAT YOU !!!!!!

So, the weather's been nice. I can't even remember all the things I was going to write about. I have to go from memory/pictures only.

A few days ago, Erica and Jen came over with their kids and all 7 kids played in one of the sandboxes I've been making. Here they are playing in and around the front yard sandbox.

Rya and Makenna digging.


Buddies getting sandy.

Emerson seeing what I'm up to. Look at the facial expression AJ's making. This is what AJ turns into when Emerson's around. Their eyes twinkle when they see each other. Hmmmmm.

Dexter and Jaxon having their own fun. They don't need any sand.

Jaxon and Emerson climbing over each other to see who can get the most comfortable.

Dexter getting prepared....

For some harsh boarding.

Dexter stacking and then kicking it all down.

Dexter still working on being cut down to one nap. He's trying to make it through a late lunch.

Going going.


And then we headed to Gram's house. She made salad, picked up dessert (Turtles Cheesecake!), and the corn on the cob, and we brought Butter Chicken and Naan. Mmmmm.

Dexter liked his corn.

But what he really enjoyed, was his Butter Chicken.

That was the remnants of his fourth helping. I think Daddy was worried there wouldn't be leftovers.

Here's Alton showing off his tattoos from Uncle Paul. Note how AJ is sporting the bare-chest-just-like-Daddy-around-the-house look.

Dexter's trying to get in on the action.

Daddy was part of the fun too.

Uncle Paul with the boys on the trampoline.
That's Dexy in the air.

And this one is AJ, I think.

Auntie Kim made sure everyone got a turn.

AJ telling me he's picked me a flower.

Dexter wondering where AJ has gone.

AJ has brought me my flower upstairs.
Thank you, cheeky monkey!

A late night for AJ playing and watching others play Wii.

Sitting to watch with Brocky.

Grandma's in on the fun. You think she's in on the action here? You should've seen her watching Monster Truck Rally on tv earlier.
For those of you who know what The Debbie-Cat is, and for those of you who also know the sound that my mom (hmmm and me) make when in the passenger seat and applying the imaginary breaks, and for those who know what my mom does with a regular video game controller .... now imagine Debbie watching Monster Trucks and worried about all the damage to the vehicles.
I call it
"Debbie Detrimentally Devastated"

Today, at the hospital, Richard got a 'talking to' from the 'tough love' doctor about his notorious trip to the waterslides. Basically, she was telling him, he shouldn't be 'pushing his luck'. "You're lucky you have the good-Leukemia that responds to Chemo. You should be done by Christmas. Done done! And you go into one of the most bacteria infested places know to mankind with an open portal to your bloodstream?"

I'm guessing he didn't tell her he was boxing the other night.

He's down. Nobody could be Uncle Paul.

So, as you can see. Richard's feeling pretty darned good.

As I wrote to Aunt Elaine...

He feels great right now. His tastebuds are back to normal. He came home from the grocery store with two giant bags of candy and chocolate the other day (Superstore's candy was 50% off). That's how I knew he was feeling really good. lol. We've been taking full advantage of our time together now that the day is sucked away by Richard being in a hospital chair and getting back to some special family fun days and just lots of hanging out and cuddling. He's at the hospital today after a week long break. They're checking his numbers and such today, then he'll make some stops, and then he'll come back just after dinner time. This is the first time in a long time, or ever, that he's been able to drive himself all by himself for his appointment because he wasn't getting any drugs today. The hospital seemed to have forgotten about the fact that Richard had gotten the okay to delay his next set of chemo until September 8th, and were talking about him starting this week! YIKES! So, he was sorting that out today. Evidently, the starting late was not okayed with his main oncologist, Dr. Neville. So we have to wait to hear from him. There's a possibility that Richard may have to start his daily chemo next week. S'all good though. We can work it out. I'm not back to work until the 9th, and my friends, sister and brother are still off for the summer right now and I'm sure can watch the kids and such, if needed. Also, I can drop Richard off some days, and then take the boys to parks and such, and then pick him up again after. It's not 'a breeze', but it's do-able. Not to mention, the first three days or so, Richard isn't too sick and can probably take the driver service if needed. I have a professional day for work next Wednesday that I need to attend and I have lots of stuff to pack up to take into school this week and lots of stuff to pack up to bring back home too, so it should be a busy couple of weeks. I've asked my sister if she can watch the kids if Richard needs to head in for chemo next week. We'll see. We'll let fate work it out. Whatever's meant to be will be.

As for my stress-headaches, yes, they sucked, but luckily they hit at a time where Richard was feeling better and he was working it out quite well for me. I would get up with Dexter (between 5am and 6am - lately), give him his bottle, hang out with him, and then, when Richard would wake at 7am or so, he'd let me hop back in bed for 30-60 minutes with some Tylenol and Advil to try and kill it off. Worked well. It was a good 2 or 3 weeks of off and on headaches. But now, I've been headache free for about a good 4 days or more. Maybe it's the nice weather and fresh air. Maybe I get headaches if I'm stuck in my house too much. That wouldn't surprise me. It's been nice to feel normal again and get some stuff done around the house. I was building the boys' sandboxes in the front and back yards. Was clearing out some low branches on the trees, mowing the lawn, and getting out with the boys lots. With Richard feeling well, he's been able to get out with us a bit (like to the waterslides), and he's been able to get lots done on his computer too, which he's been happy to get to do. Since the weather's back to being nice, I can get outside with the boys to 'get them out of his hair'.

And you know Richard. He's still the great guy he's always been. It's nice to see him feeling so great. It was nice to have him outside in the fresh air. I asked him to come in the backyard to relax in the adirondack chair and keep an eye on Dexter (he likes to dart toward the busy road, and we don't have a finished fence yet) whilst I hacked down some branches with the reciprocating saw and hauled it all to the back of the yard. He managed to get in some 'Daddy airplane time' too.

Just really nice weather. Really nice.

I just really don't feel like doing my little 'tally' of words and signs anymore. Sorry-second-born-Dexter. It's so much easier to just type in what he's been saying and signing that's new, rather than adding it to the list.


Dexter's been saying "This". Actually, he's been saying this for a couple months. It always sounded like sh*t, but I realized, it's him saying 'this' as he points to something to say "What is this?"

Dexter's signing 'thank you', blowing kisses again too. He now has started saying 'more' when he signs 'more'.

He also signs:
dog, if I haven't already mentioned that one a long time ago

He also likes to order us and the cats around with new sassy instructions such as:

wait (with a finger in the air)

He also gives really new dirty looks. When he gets in trouble for something or hears a really stern 'no', he makes the cutest face. I'll try to get a picture.

I just got Dexter's 18 month pictures done about a month too late. They're pretty cute. To all you Grandma's and Grandpa's and such... you'll get some soon, along with AJ's 3 year pics that I think I forgot to send out. Sorry!

AJ had a great day (as well as Dexter) playing in the morning at Auntie Jen's with the slide and the kiddie pool. In the afternoon, we headed to Chilliwack to a playground we had never been to before. It was big fun, as new playgrounds always are. Gram and Auntie Kim met us there too, and as always, Gram was up on the playstructure, climbing and sliding and right in there with the boys.

AJ has recently decided to give his Disney diecast cars to Dexter. He wants them kept in Dexter's room too, not his own. The two of them have found that these cars work really well on Dexter Fisher Price Little People Racing Ramps Garage. They literally have been playing with those items for at least 25 minutes consecutively for about 4 days in a row. Big brotherly fun that is. Yesterday, we set up the hotwheels loop the loop with the power shooter in the middle of two separate loop the loops and some big curves. It was pretty awesome. I think I did Daddy proud with that one. The boys played with that for a very looooong time too.

By the way, Richard updated his blog today too.

Click on the link...

Richard's Blog

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