Monday, August 03, 2009

And I'm Just Hoping My Kids Didn't Get High

I took the boys to Albert Dyck Park today. It's a man-made lake out here in Abbotsford where all the waterski/wake board competitions happen. Today was a competition day. It was busy and quite a show. The boys were loving watching all the flips and loved the waves crashing in on the beach. Too bad there's quite a drop off in the swimming area. I learned a lesson today that I definitely need the boys to wear lifejackets next time if I want to not feel 'on edge' the whole time I'm there.

Holy Pot Smokin' Batman! It was heavy in the air, reminscent of so many Snoop Dogg concerts. I wondered if the boys would maybe come home high just from hangin out on the beach!!!

Aside from my kids possibly meeting Mary Jane at the lake, the rest of the time was a success. We were there about 2 hours. It's only about 10 minutes from my house. Probably, in reality, 15, but it feels like 5 minutes. Dexter was very gutsy and wanted to just keep walking out into the water. I had AJ letting go of me for brief snipits of time which was progress for sure.

My funny for today was when leaving the lake. I realize that it's time for me to 'clean up' the rest of my 'potty mouth'. A truck started up suddenly beside us while we were walking and AJ shouted, "HOLY COW! THAT SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!" I laughed, but felt guilty for the virtual 'bad-mom-of-the-year' award that would surely be arriving by mail soon enough.

Thanks so much to whoever made that lake because the boys and I had a great time. Loved having my stroller more than ever!!!
I had another thank you that I just can't think of. Maybe Richard for toughing it out to make a good dinner tonight when I was running late coming back from the lake? Probably.

AJ and I finished the night, by heading outside from about 7-9pm (oops) to haul boulders to the front yard to try to make my dream-sandbox for the boys. I'll definitely need my brother over here if I want to finish this off properly!!

Paul? Are you out there? Do you read the blog? I need you over here, Pollywog! Need your muscles!!

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