Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flip Flops, Flop Flips, and More

Popsicles for breakfast?


Wake up Daddy!!!

Oh Daddy. You're still sleepy!

Don't come any closer or Skeletor will get you!

Flip Flops
-I originally was going to take the boys to the waterslides today, but Richard wanted to be able to partake in this activity (having been confined to our house and the hospital for so long), and so I put it off a day.
-Instead, I told AJ we could go to the waterpark. It was a late start to the day, as I've been suffering from my stress-related headaches off and on for about 2-3 weeks now and I'm waking many mornings with a headache (like today), and so Richard is kind enough to get up with Dexter.

**** on a side note ****
I must give Richard props. Dexter has been going through what I'm thinking is a milestone-phase. Something big is going on and it's messing him up. He had a good week or two of off and on early (like 5am) wakings and some disrupted sleeps (his normal night would be 11 hours uniterrupted). Turns out, I was right, it appears this milestone was 'using his words'. Although he's still not a 'talker', he's using words to communicate much more and signs too instead of just screaming and pointing. YAY!
So what was my point? Oh ya. So there have been many many 5am mornings. I've, of course, gotten up with Dexy, given him his bottle, cuddled and done stories, and then when Richard's gotten up around 7am, he's let me go back to bed to try to catch up on my lost sleep.
Thanks Richard for many sane mornings. You know just what to do to keep me happy and functioning!

-Back to today. So, we put on our flip flops, water shoes, and water clothes, and headed to the water park.

The Flop
-We park and you know "get our crap together". You moms out there know what I mean. I got out the stroller because it's a bit of a walk downhill to the waterpark from the parking lot. Load in the camera, the 'beach stuff', the lunch kit and drinks, and Dexter.
-We're ready!
My stroller's front tire is flat. Uggg.
I had noticed upon passing that the water park is closed.
-I asked AJ what he wanted to do, as my air pump was broken and I didn't have my other one because I haven't moved my 'stuff' from the old car to the new one.
-He still wanted to play at the playground. So, I loaded everything back into the car, changed the boys out of their waterclothes, and put them into their normal clothes.
-We headed down the playground.

The Flop, Flips!
-The boys had a blast at the playground. It wasn't a total flop of a morning, thank goodness.

The Man We All Love..... Richard

-My sister, Kim, and her friend, Kim came to watch the boys. They took them to a playground up the road with the stroller AND took them swimming at the pool in the afternoon! Thanks girls!!!
-I drove Richard in to the hospital. It was his last day of three antibiotics (the next day he'd just be getting two). He was hoping that this day was his last day, but nope. His numbers were up, but his neutrophil count wasn't ready by the time we left.
-I was hoping we could meet up with my dad before heading home, but the timing didn't really work on either end, so we'll see you next time, Dad! Thanks anyhow!

-I hung out at Jen's house with the boys, her kids, and Erica with her kids in the morning. In the afternoon, we ran a couple errands, got gas, and then headed to the back yard to play in the pool, play hockey and soccer and baseball, and have corn on the cob for dinner! Yum!
-Richard had used today to try out the volunteer driver service that takes Cancer patients to the hospital. We really wanted him to try it out while he felt good instead of trying it for the first time when nauseous.
-It was definitely handy, but Richard does not look forward to using the service when he's barfy.
-Richard's numbers were up again some more, and his neutrophils are at .6 . Normal is about 4.5-7.5 if I'm not mistaken. He's still got a little while to go.

Now Richard doesn't have to go back to the hospital until Tuesday. What a nice break for him. He's looking forward to getting caught up on some work too.

For the purpose of the study of which he's a part, he will have to go somewhere local to get blood work done on Monday.

-Norma made it back to Nova Scotia safely, spent the night at her cousin's, got to see Bud yesterday, and today will finally get to see her mom!

And I think that's about it.


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