Sunday, August 02, 2009

Saturday - YAY Sunday - BOO

*** If you'd like to skip this one, the short version is that Richard is feeling REALLY horribly. Nauseous, itchy, tired, yucky, loss of appetite, stuff tastes crappy.
Today, I had a migraine which adds complication to our day.
The boys added some cute words and phrases to the last couple weeks.

If you love to read these entries, then here's the loooooooonnnggg version.

Saturday ended really well.

In the afternoon, they played in the pool again. BIG fun.

In the evening, when after putting Dexter to bed, I took AJ for a bike ride (him riding his bike). Grand-Dan must've done quite the bike-ride with AJ, as he's come leaps and bounds since the last time I took him out to ride his bike. All by himself, he knew to get off of his bike to cross the road. He rode up hills by himself. We have A LOT of hills. It's all hills to get to our biking path behind our house. This is why he doesn't get to go out and ride his bike too often.

He rode to where we cross the street. He rode up that hill all with his own leg power. He rode up the next hill with only a slight pull from me. He rode up the next hill alone and it's pretty steep. He can go down big steep hills using his brakes to help control the bike. He did the whole big figure eight alone. Then rode the whole way home. Wow. He even did the standing thing when he pedaled. It was very cute.

AJ wanted his little reading light on for bedtime so he could 'read' his library books. Adorable. He's been loving the little 'easy reader' books that are reminiscent of the books we use for guided reading in the grade one class, with sight words and repetition. Anyhow, he 'gets' the pattern and loves that, as far as he knows, he's 'reading' the book.


Sunday - YUCK

Richard had a horrible sleep that night. He's been feeling more and more ill and that night was just feeling very yucky and itchy (low platelets or a reaction to some meds), had taken a new med, and was just twitchy and weird feeling. Maybe he'll explain on his blog in more detail when he feels good enough to be doing that.

Then... I woke with a migraine. And not just a visual migraine that goes away after a little while, but a true (I haven't had one in about a year, at least) feeling nauseous, can barely stand up, need a dark room, and to go to sleep kind of migraine.

Not good. Because I couldn't get Richard to be with the boys. He was 'recovering' from his horrible night and was feeling nauseous himself.

I laid on the couch trying to blind my eyes and trying to sleep-but-not while the kids played after waking. I wanted to sleep, but I was listening to them too. Thank goodness it was one of those mornings where they were playing quite wonderfully.

Finally, at about 8:30am, I got my butt up off the couch (carrying my bucket, of course) to make them some breakfast. Norma came upstairs at this point. When I settled the boys into breakfast, and was briefly starting to feel like I might be on the mend, Norma watched the boys while I took a shower.

Richard woke and he wasn't feeling any better. Norma headed out to do her errands. It was pretty pathetic while Richard and I just sat, looking sad, and barfy with the boys running around, thank goodness, behaving well. AJ was begging to go outside or to a park or even Starbucks, but I just couldn't get up. My 'getting better' feeling didn't last long.

Then, it was about 11am and my parents, and brother and sister were going to be on their way to bring us there big deep freeze (they're trading us for our smaller one that suits their needs better). I gave Dexter his lunch, and at about 11:45am, he just didn't want anymore, he signed 'finished', and he headed downt to his room, he reached for his soo-soo, grabbed his dinos, and got into bed. Okay...

My parents came around 12pm. I was no help. In fact, I was probably at my worst at this point and getting near tears. Richard was down for the count. My mom offered to take AJ along with them on their errands to drop by Erica's (a thank you for doing Kim's grad pictures), Home Depot, and a treat. Awesome!!!

So, Richard and I got to nap from about 1pm to 2:20pm or so when Dexter woke. Oddly, I didn't hear Dexter wake and Richard (sick Richard) got up with him to let me sleep! That's my man. He's got Leukaemia!!! He's recovering from Chemo!!!! He wanted to let me sleep-it-off. He informed me later it's because he needed me to be in good condition so he could nap again later. lol.

My parents came back with AJ around 3:30pm or so and thank goodness, although I still had a headache, I was no longer nauseous. Ahhhhhh....

I felt soooo guilty for not taking the boys outside yet, so around 4:45pm, I took them in the back. I was very clear that we were not going in the pool because it was too close to dinner. But... those instructions came unraveled when Dexter got in the pool with his clothes on. I snatched him, took off all his clothes, and let him play in the pool with AJ in his undies. They had a blast and I got to read a bit of my book. Nice.

No laundry done, house messy, still a bit of a headache, but functioning. Thank goodness! No time to be sick. I need to stay non-sick until Christmas if possible.

-I'm not going to put up his word list right now, but for fear of forgetting to add these ones, I want to point out that he has added the following words to his repetoire...
*truck stuck - he uses that one a lot
(I think he maybe already said those last two)
He also has been signing 'no' when he's been told 'no'. And he gives me sassy-eyes when he does it!
In the bathtub the other day, he starting chucking his rubber ducks across the room. It was really weird until I realized that he was throwing them like we do in swimming lessons when we go swim to get them.

-I've mentioned before how much AJ's into what letter words start with. This is now progressing to him saying things like
"light starts with an L and a T"
to which I respond "Yes, it has an L and a T. It starts with L and ends with T"
-A few days ago, he impressed me with "airplane has an A and a P"

I think that's all I was going to say.

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