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Sorry, It's Been a Few Days - New Car, Food Poisoning, Day in PJs

Tuesday Continued...
I think this was lunch or I served lunch for dinner that day. They're watching a Signing Time episode.

AJ's drawing and writing continued with him drawing a truck with a camper. I was trying to get him to put his pajamas on and he said, "Hold on. Just wait a minute. I have to draw the stairs for the camper or the people can't get up there."

I'm really wondering if Dexter's going to be good at drawing too. He holds a pen like a normal person instead of like a baby. Just like AJ. Hmmmm..


Richard was again at the hospital with his mom, getting his antibiotics and 2 bags of platelets. It was a long day. He was pretty sick feeling still on Wednesday. Really rough looking. Pretty messed up.

Jen (with Makenna, Emerson, and Jaxon), Erica (with Jack and Rya), Kandis (with her two, Josiah and Madison and the two she watches, Angelica and Kaden) and I (with Alton and Dexter) all went to JJ's Playzone to hang out. It's a special little playplace just for 0-6 year olds. The kids had fun. The moms got to sit on the leather couches and chat.


After the boys' naps, me and the boys were picked up by my mom to go to Ken's work to get a 2001 Ford Taurus Station Wagon thanks to some help from Mom and Ken and a great deal through Ken's work. It may not be the minivan I was hoping for, but it's newer than I was looking for and a very familiar drive. Hmmmm, I should've taken a picture. It's dark out right now. Let me see if I can find a picture on the internet......

There you go. Very exciting. Not only to have one that works, but to have one a bit newer than we were hoping for. Ours looks just like this, but it's more of a charcoal/graphite/green type colour. I thought the stroller wouldn't fit in the back because the back is shorter than my Mercury Sable Wagon, but in fact, it DOES fit, quite nicely I'll add. I can fit all four car seats, which was a must, it's still has the rumble seats that I love, and it has a centre console that my old car didn't have. And.... A/C!!!! YAY! Thank goodness!!

After running much later than I had planned, we headed (Mom, Ken, me, and the boys) for an impromptu McD's dinner. The boys had a great time, and as always, were very excited to hang out with Gram and Papa.

We headed home. I did show Richard the car, but just minimally, as he was feeling really horribly.

After that, I escaped for a Starbucks-book-talk with Jen and Erica about "My Sister's Keeper". That was really nice.


What a day.

Richard spent most of the morning in bed, sore, and achey.

We've had a cold going through our house for a little bit (my fault for taking the boys where I knew there were cold germs, but we had lots of fun). My cold seemed to have just been a lot of sneezing for quite a few days and slightly more congestion than usual. The kids have had a bit of a cough, not too bad though, and just a lot of clear snotty noses. Richard and Norma have been quite achey and sore.

On Thursday, Norma woke really sore. Her neck, her joints, her muscles. She had mentioned that she didn't know if she could manage to drive Richard in this day. I jumped on this opportunity to take Richard in with the boys. I knew I wouldn't stay at the hospital with Richard with the boys, and would rather take them to Daiso in Richmond, to a playground, and maybe to visit Nomi or my dad. However, I love driving him to the hospital because the car ride is like a date. It's just 1.5 hours of getting to talk. The boys would nap on the way there, so it's just us, you know?

I convinced Norma that I would be fine to take Richard and that she should take this morning as a chance to get her hair done (as planned) and to return her bed to Canadian Tire that had oddly broken the night before. Then she could spend the rest of the day resting and hopefully resting off this cold so that she won't be sick and achey for her flight on Monday back to Nova Scotia.

Meanwhile, I started feeling ill. Not a cold. But stomach sick. Not a migraine. But, bouts of feeling completely normal followed by bouts of feeling completely nauseous. Reminiscent of morning sickness really, but don't get any ideas. I thought maybe I just 'needed my coffee' and to get some fresh air. I headed out, wasn't feeling great, came home and put my head on the table. Richard was concerned that I wouldn't be able to make the drive, but I figured I'd start feeling better soon.

And I did. We headed to the hospital. We dropped Richard off. I took the boys to Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, and as I backed into my parking spot I felt ill again (I get car sick looking into the back of the vehicle, but this was a little weird). But, still, I was functioning. Just breathing through the feelings of nausea, and then I'd feel okay again. Got some cool bento box lunch supplies for the boys and left Aberdeen Centre.

I thought I could squeeze in a visit with my dad, but Richard called to say it was going to be a shorter day and I could come to pick him up in about 1 hour or more. No blood or platelets for Richard this day, just antibiotics (3 types, as usual for this week) and fluids because his potassium was low. His white counts were up to 1, and everything else was down a little bit, but not quite enough for a transfusion.

I took the boys to the playground at Oak Park (Marpole Community Centre) and they had a great time. I was gradually feeling worse. I couldn't stand up long enough to push them on the swing. Things were getting bad.

We picked up Richard and started back home. Traffic was going to be bed, so we went home via Maple Ridge this time. We popped by McD's to get the boys some fries (hang head in shame) because they hadn't eaten dinner yet!!! I spent most of this time, bent out the car door in the parking lot not knowing how I would make it home. Richard graciously offered to drive the rest of the way. Thank goodness. I curled up and tried to sleep with the wind on my face pleading for cold air. This is when I've started to think that it's food poisoning and all I can think of is that darned Filet-o-Fish. ARG!!!

When we got home. That was it. It was all I could do to climb upstairs on my hands and knees and crash on the couch. I was able to fit in a story or two and a game of Go Fish with AJ, but I had to leave my poor husband to change Dexter, put him to bed, and eventually, put AJ to bed too. I was out of commission.

I don't know if I did fall asleep when I got to bed. All I know is that I spent from 12:30-2:30am the sickest I've felt in perhaps my whole life. I did get a bit of sleep after that off and on.


Thank goodness Richard is the best husband in the world. He got up with Dexter in the morning when he realized I was still sick and nauseous. He got me out of bed when he wanted to take out the garbage cans for garbage day. Then, I took a couple more Tylenols and Tums and he let me go back to bed again, all the while, just hoping I'm going to feel better by the time he and his mom have to leave for the hospital around 11:30am.

At 10:00am ish. I woke up. I could tell I was better. Not good. But better. I could walk upright. That was awesome. I could talk without grabbing a bucket. I could foresee taking care of my children. Albeit, they stayed in their pajamas all the way until bathtime after dinner, and then got put in their new clean jammies. It was just a low key, no-nap-for-AJ, short nap for Dexter :( , Rescue Heroes, and pretend cooking kind of day.

Today they increased Richard's antibiotics (Valcomicin that he has a reaction to) because it wasn't staying in his body long enough. This drip took 2.5 hours. And, they gave him 2 bags of red today. Today whites were up to 1.5, the neutraphils are only showing up as trace amounts (but at least there's some!), red was down to 76 (so he got a transfusion -2 bags), and platelets were up to 64 (so they're finally coming back!). He's still neutrapenic and can't come to a BBQ planned for tomorrow :( .

Richard and Norma came home just as I was putting Dexter to bed with AJ soon to follow (the good part of a no nap day). I was finally feeling 100% back to normal by about 8:30pm or so. Yuck.

How's AJ?
You know, I don't know if I've mentioned, but AJ is really great for eating vegetables. How many 3 year olds, when asked "What kind of veggies would you like with lunch: carrots, broccoli, celery, or peas?" Responds with, "I would like cauliflower today." Unfortunately, we were out of cauliflower.
AJ's been very wonderful as of late. Extra sweetness. More politeness. More hugs for Dexter (although there's been some 'crashes' too). He's been a really good conversationalist, asking all about Dexter and where he was before he was in my tummy. Like who did he live with?
I think he's been really stepping up the plate in the brother department. There's been a new phase of brotherhood. Dexter is definitely seen as a fun playmate now. They love to wrestle (I just try to encourage it to be off the couch... ouch). They love 'imagination' type stuff together, like cooking. And he's always inviting Dexter to his room to play Rescue Heroes. It's been really nice to see. He's also encouraging Dexter's signing. Although Dex has lots of words, he's not a what I call a 'talker' if you know what I mean. With AJ encouraging Dexter's signing, it's really helping encourage his communication as opposed to screaming and pointing. Thank goodness. And now, likewise, it's calmed him down a bit, and he'll put more effort into talking.
Oh ya, and some sass... He told me the other day that he'd really like to go to the park or the beach. As I was in the middle of explaining why we couldn't go to the beach, I was interrupted to AJ in a mom-tone saying, "No, you have a choice. The park OR the beach." I just couldn't stop laughing. Which had him smirking. Then I had to explain that only mommies give the choices.

Dexter's on a book kick. YAY!! Finally! He's bringing me books to read more and more often. He'll sit through a whole story. He'll ask me to read stories over and over. I've been waiting for this stage. I like it!
Dexter's also been big into the whole imagination thing now. He loves to pretend to be stirring and is always bringing me things he's cooked or made. Loving the Fisher Price Little People too.

Shout Outs (Thank Yous)

1. My cousin Mike - On the day I was getting the new car, I thought it would be easier to nto bring the boys and Mike was more than willing to drop everything to come watch them while I went to Chilliwack. However, my mom decided that she really wanted to see her grandchildren and I had to let Mike off the hook. Thanks anyways, Mike.

2. My friend Jill - Jill somehow sensed that I had just had my last coffee on my Starbucks card that had finally run out. I don't know how she knew. But it must be some super hero sense she has. She brought me a Starbucks card and a Nature's Pickin's card. Thank, Jill! Think I'll be picking up the boys some strawberries tomorrow.

3. My Co-worker, Judi - Thanks so much Judi for the Superstore cards!! Those will totally come in handy.

4. Mom and Ken - Thanks so much for all your help with the new car. So nice to not have to drive Big Blue anymore. I can't imagine how I would've worked that with four carseats. Dexter's is so heavy to lift into his seat, I swear my arm's going to break off!

5. Everyone Who's Been Keeping Their Eyes Peeled For a Van - Thanks to everyone who's been keeping their eyes peeled for a van to replace our station wagon. No need to look any further! I have a commuting vehicle now! And with an economical 3.0L.

6. Jen and Dave - For enrolling AJ in his gymnastics class. That was too sweet. Thank again.

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