Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Library

I forgot to mention another one of Richard's outings.

I was a week overdue (no pun intended) taking AJ to the library to get books to read at bedtime, naptime, and whenever else we feel like reading a library book.

I offered the opportunity (or punishment, depending on how you look at it, and depending on the day) to Richard. He could stay home with Dexter or take AJ to the library. It was Thursday evening.

He decided to take AJ to the library. He hasn't done this ever before. He's come along with me once when I took both boys, but he hasn't done the book searching and book choosing on his own. (not that it's difficult, but you know me, I'm a little particular, to say the least - I believe, 'my way or the highway' is a good description).

He did it, he survived (of course), and, I must say, chose some good books. AJ had a good time and was very excited to tell me that Daddy let him play computer games there too. One with music!


The usual, wake up, get ready, pick up coffee, go to a playground, while Daddy stays home to get some computer stuff done. AJ also oddly requested to go to Winners to look in the toy section. Actually, he said to 'play' in the toy section. I had to remind him that stores are not playgrounds, but yes, oooohhh twist my rubber arm, "you can drag me to Winners".

Home for 'lunchies' (I wrote that for you Jen, if you're reading). Richard fed the boys lunch while I packed their bags for their sleepover at my mom's tonight.

And here I am. All three of my boys down for nap. I'm about to have lunch and my chemical-filled-diet-pepsi. Yum.

Cool huh?


Outnumbered said...

Ooooh, I should totally post my pic of our Arab Coca Cola!!! It looks the same!

Mommy Tarno said...

Lunchies, sockies, whatever!!!! The darn "ey/ie" on the end of nouns drives me nuts!!! (I must, however, sadly admit that I almost called my son Jaxy the other day - arghhh.... HELP ME!!!!! ) :)