Thursday, July 30, 2009

When it Rains it Pours - And Then it Splashes

Seriously? Just when you think things can't get worse.

No, don't worry, he's still in remission. I'll get to the 'Richard-part' later.

The Raining
In the meantime, as you'll recall, we already have one vehicle out of commission and are on the hunt for a minivan to replace our station wagon. Since it'll be closing in on $1500 to fix the car, we figure, we can probably get something more useful with that money (what money? lol) like a minivan. If you know of someone selling a minivan, let us know!!!

So, anywho..... back to ....

The Pouring
Thank goodness it wasn't as unbearably hot today as yesterday. YIKES!! I get out of swimming. It's hot. I successfully get all three of us dried and dressed. We head the truck. We load Dex. We load AJ. We load the stroller. And......


didn't even turn over

didn't even 'click'

Jinkies!!! (and that's not what I really thought)

The truck won't turn over. Oh man. I held in those tears. I breathed a bit. I had to call Richard. Sure, he's hooked up to a bag chemo drugs, but he's my husband, and when your truck battery dies, you call your husband. He wondered if I had left on the interior light. He asked to make sure that it was off. It's been years since I've jumped a vehicle myself. I wasn't about to keep the boys belted in the hot truck waiting while I ask someone (and it's mostly ALL moms at swimming) to jump the truck. Richard says to go ahead and call BCAA. It says there's a 10 min wait time to talk to a representative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No freaking way!!! in 10 minutes I could've walked 1/8 of the entirely uphill walk home, with only my umbrella stroller.
So, I called Richard's friend/business partner, Tarrie, and he was ready to leave work and come jumpstart the truck.

(I'm pretty sure I left the interior lights on last night. It was my first time driving "Big Blue" at night. I had never had to turn on the lights before. I pulled the light switch out and the lights came on, but I couldn't read the clock. So, I turned the knob to turn up the dash lights. I guess I turned too much. Oops. On the plus side, at least I know why the battery died.)


I gave it one more go, and for some reason, it turned over. I tried again. I tried again. And. It started.

I called Tarrie to say "Holy crap, I got it started!"

I called Richard to say "Holy crap, I got it started!"

Richard said, "You should probably head straight home and just spend the day at home."
I said, "I'm going to take my chances and go to Starbucks for my coffee first."

I don't think he liked that answer, but I got home..... after I got my coffee at the drive thru.

The Splashing
-I brought the boys home. As I said, the temperature wasn't outrageous today, so we packed our picnic lunch and all our gear and headed to the back yard to play in the pool. I'm sure glad I set up the small one this year. I don't think AJ ever stopped playing in there. Down the slide, down the slide, downt the slide. Dexter spent most of his time in the Little Tykes car, as usual.

-He's currently on day 4 of 6 days of his first round of consolidation chemo.
-Food is starting to taste like crap again.
-He's starting to feel very flu-ish.
-He's losing more hair again, and the stuff that's come in is white!!! lol. They warned that some people's hair comes back very different, like curly or straight or different colours. Poor guy. Hopefully it comes back brown in the end.
-Today is his 9am start, so he could be home as early as 2:30pm, no doubt to head straight to the cool bedroom to cool down and nap.
-He's a trooper. He's still pretty normal looking and acting, but you know he feels pretty badly.
-Oh, I almost forgot the worst part. If you recall from the first blogs after he was admitted to start his first round of chemo, he had a roomate who had the hiccups for over a week!!!! I asked the nurse if that was cosidered 'normal'. He said 'no' and said they were thinking it was all in his head.

Well, Richard got the hiccups two days ago. They continued yesterday. Richard was under the impression that it's some sort of contagious virus that is spreading through the Leukemia patients. Looks like they're going to give him something for it today.

Andrea!!! - For some great M&M meals that you dropped off yesterday AND to your daughter for the beautiful anklet she made me!
Kevin!!! - For possibly finding a good lead on a minivan through his dad!

If you like to hear things straight from the horse's mouth. ....

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